Is Casey leaving Chicago Fire? Show answers questions, takes hiatus

Casey Chicago Fire Season 9
Jesse Spencer has played Matthew Casey on the Chicago Fire cast since Episode 1. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Matthew Casey leaving the Chicago Fire cast had been the fear of many fans this season. The writers of the show set up a scenario where a new injury he suffered on the job could end up forcing him to stop being a firefighter.

On the latest episode of the show, some resolution was given to the character, and questions about the situation were answered for the viewers. But even that situation led to some drama and worry as the hour played out.

With his perceived symptoms worsening after his on-the-job accident (Casey had been trying to turn off a car when the driver sped off and dragged him along), Casey finally went to see a specialist.

There will be no more of Casey looking at X-rays of his past injuries in his office, the character can stop disappearing to the bathroom to deal with headaches, and viewers finally know what the future holds for him.

Is Casey leaving Chicago Fire?

To answer that question simply, no, Matthew Casey is not leaving Chicago Fire. Actor Jesse Spencer is in this for the long haul and there haven’t been any rumors that he has even thought about leaving the show.

Within the episode, Casey went through an MRI and got back the results – but not before much of the episode had passed. They did have to build up the drama before we finally found out the good news.

According to his doctor, Casey was suffering through a concussion and a shoulder injury and that was what had led to his debilitating symptoms. It’s definitely something that could be referenced again in the future, but it looks like Casey is not leaving Chicago Fire anytime soon.

Chicago Fire taking a hiatus before Season 9 return

There is no new episode of the show airing on Wednesday, April 28. All of the One Chicago shows are taking the week off in preparation for the final month of the television season.

The good news is that the Chicago Fire return date is Wednesday, May 5, so it won’t be an extended amount of time between new episodes.

The show will then work its way through the month of May until the last episode of Season 9. There have already also been some small plot points revealed about the Chicago Fire finale.

And that Chicago Fire Season 9 finale is scheduled for the last Wednesday in May. With the break taking place before the next new episode, it will give viewers a chance to re-watch some of the earlier Season 9 content.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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