Chicago Fire TV promo revealed for winter premiere

Sam Carver Chicago Fire
Jake Lockett plays Sam Carver on Chicago Fire Season 11. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire’s winter premiere is arriving soon, and NBC released a TV promo to get the buzz going again.

In the last new episode, a rocket-propelled grenade went off as Stella Kidd and Sam Carver worked to save Detective Pryma.

With Kelly Severide watching from outside the house, an explosion could be seen with four people still inside.

The screen faded to black, and the lives of those characters were left hanging in the balance as the winter hiatus began.

With the Chicago Fire return date of January 4 coming up quickly, it was time to finally release some new episode footage.

Though the TV promo shared below is brief, it shows that someone has been injured in the rescue attempt.

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 10 TV promo

“Det. Pryma’s case comes to an explosive end with Kidd and Carver’s lives in danger,” begins the synopsis for Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 10.

The pun might not have been needed in the episode description, but it is a big reminder about what has happened.

“Brett installs an infant Safe Surrender Box at 51. Violet is determined to take Emma down,” reads the rest of the synopsis.

This also serves as a good reminder that former paramedic Emma Jacobs has returned to a new role and that life might not be drama-free for the people of Firehouse 51.

Below is the short TV promo that NBC is running for the January 4 episode of Chicago Fire.

More One Chicago news

A new actress has joined the Chicago Fire cast and will appear later in Season 11.

The showrunners have also teased fans about the villainous intentions of Emma as she re-enters the world of One Chicago in a position of power.

Additionally, a new member of the Chicago P.D. cast is about to be introduced, with that character first appearing on the winter premiere that will air at 10/9c on January 4.

It’s also important to remember that Chicago Med returns with a new boss on Wednesday night, which could lead to a shift in the character dynamics within the hospital.

To go back and re-watch the 2022 fall finales of the One Chicago dramas, fans can stream them on Peacock.

As a reminder, the shows are back on the night of Wednesday, January 4, 2023.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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