Chicago Fire TV promo has 51 dealing with a harassing heckler

Stella On Chicago Fire
Miranda Rae Mayo plays Stella Kidd on the Chicago Fire Season 11 cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

A new Chicago Fire episode is coming up on Wednesday night that has the house dealing with a very intrusive heckler.

Based on the TV promo on NBC, it seems like there is also a hint that it has something to do with new firefighter Sam Carver.

On the latest episode of Chicago Fire, the backstory of Carver was fleshed out a little more, but he still has a mysterious past that hasn’t been fully explored.

Recently, the actor who plays Carver spoke about what’s to come, giving his own hints that it might have something to do with Stella Kidd.

It’s unclear if more explanations about his past are coming during the next episode. Still, it certainly looks like Carver isn’t going to back down from the heckler who is interfering with the people from 51 doing their jobs.

Several additional side stories are also being advertised for the new Chicago Fire episode that will debut on Wednesday, November 9.

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 7 synopsis

“Herrmann is tasked with fulfilling a man’s dying wish. Kidd reflects on her Girls on Fire program after one of her students graduates from the Fire Academy. A heckler harasses Firehouse 51,” reads the full synopsis for Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 7.

This new episode is called Angry is Easier, and as with nearly every episode title for the One Chicago drama, this will likely end up being part of a line stated by one of the characters. It sure sounds like something Carver would say.

Chicago Fire TV promo for Angry is Easier

Below is the promo for the November 9 episode of Chicago Fire that NBC is currently running. It’s very clear that a lot of time will be spent on the heckler, even though several other plotlines are addressed in the synopsis above.

More news from One Chicago

The news just came out that someone else is leaving the Chicago Med cast. It was heavily hinted at during the latest episode, but it has also been confirmed.

This follows the recent announcement that Brian Tee is also leaving Chicago Med. That exit will hit many fans pretty hard, especially since he has been around since the beginning.

With all of the Chicago Med cast exits from Season 8 already, it also means that some more new faces will be joining the fold for Winter 2023 episodes.

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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