Chicago Fire cast: Jake Lockett talks about what’s coming up with new firefighter Sam Carver

Sam Carver Chicago Fire
Jake Lockett plays Sam Carver on Chicago Fire Season 11. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Fire cast has a new face in Season 11, with actor Jake Lockett taking on the role of Sam Carver.

Carver is new to Firehouse 51, although his past includes a link to Stella Kidd, who is now his boss after they attended the academy together.

Very little about Carver’s past has been revealed, but more of it could come up on the next new episode of Chicago Fire.

What we know so far is that he puts everything into the job and that he has sacrificed his body numerous times to save people.

It has also been made very clear that Carver has trust issues, which certainly makes it hard to fit in with a new crew.

Kidd has tried to break down some of those walls with Carver, but there might be a lot of work ahead for her.

Jake Lockett speaks about what’s to come on Chicago Fire

“I think for Sam, trusting people is not always the easiest thing. When you’re dealing with this new family [at the firehouse] and you’re trying to get your ground, some things are just harder to open up about,” Lockett told NBC about his character, Sam Carver.

“We can all relate to that, people wanting to know more about you, but the things you’re keeping close to the vest have a lot of pain attached,” Lockett went on to add.

Lockett also revealed that “the trust is gone” in the relationship between Kidd and Carver, hinting that something from their pasts is going to surface later in Chicago Fire Season 11. What that might be is still a bit of a mystery.

In regard to what went down between Kidd and Carver, for him to truly fit in at Firehouse 51, they will both have to address it. That could lead to some interesting storytelling as the new episodes continue rolling out.

Big news from One Chicago

An interesting bit of news came out from the world of One Chicago, as Jesse Lee Soffer is returning to Chicago P.D. in a new role. It’s going to be fun to see him take on the new job.

Also, some big Chicago Med spoilers were revealed, which claimed a main character is leaving the show very soon. Losing another character during Fall 2022 could be tough for fans to take.

Since the shows are coming off of a hiatus to wrap up October 2022, it might be good for fans to go back and re-watch some of the previous episodes from the fall. Everything is available for streaming through Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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