Chicago Fire spoilers: What happens next with Emma Jacobs?

Caitlin Carver Chicago Fire
Caitlin Carver has returned to Chicago Fire as a Season 11 villain. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Chicago Fire spoilers have been provided by the showrunners when it comes to former paramedic Emma Jacobs.

Last season on the show, when Sylvie Brett was taking some time off to be with Matthew Casey in Portland, Firehouse 51 needed to have someone work with Violet Mikami.

Emma became the new paramedic working at the firehouse, but she got really attached to the job and didn’t want to give it up.

The problem was that Sylvie was going to be returning after her time off, and Emma did everything she could to make Violet look bad on the job.

Emma even went as far as blackmailing Violet and Paramedic Chief Evan Hawkins over their romantic relationship.

When Emma flamed out on a stressful call, that seemed to be the end of it, but she returned this season with a new job. That new job is gone, though, after Violet provided audio recordings of Emma’s blackmail scheme.

More Emma Jacobs drama to come on Chicago Fire

Emma is now someone with nothing left to lose, especially if she just lost her last lifeline at the CFD, as was hinted at during the latest episode of Chicago Fire. This makes her even more dangerous as a villain.

“After [Emma] returned, we should have just accepted that she was part of internal affairs now and tried not to mess with her. But that’s not what Violet does,” Chicago Fire co-showrunner Derek Haas warned NBC Insider.

“Violet pokes the wrong bear, and now that bear has teeth and claws more than she had before,” Haas went on to say with a very foreboding tone to the writing.

“And it’s gonna be a pretty gruesome mauling that’s gonna happen at Firehouse 51,” Haas wrapped up his comments about the Emma vs. Violet situation.

It’s very clear that something big is coming and that this could be a storyline that ends up being a big one at the back end of Chicago Fire Season 11.

More from One Chicago

A new actress joined the Chicago Fire cast this week, and is it possible that this is someone new for Stella Kidd to be jealous of on the job?

Likewise, a new actor on the Chicago Med cast is getting some good stories for his character, which has become much needed after all of the latest exits from the show.

We are also going to see a villain returning to Chicago P.D. with some more chaos on the way with that situation.

Recently, Monsters and Critics predicted character deaths could still be coming in Chicago Fire Season 11, and having an evil Emma on the loose certainly puts a lot of people at risk.

Stay tuned because we haven’t seen the last of Emma.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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