Who plays Severide’s new ‘cute partner’ on Chicago Fire cast?

Jana Kramer Red Carpet
Jana Kramer joined the Chicago Fire cast for an intriguing episode. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Xavier Collin/ImagePressAgency

Chicago Fire’s latest episode had Kelly Severide looking into his friend as a mysterious fire was questioned by the brass.

Commander Martin Pearce called in the favor that Severide owed him, forcing him to investigate Captain Tom Van Meter (played by Tim Hopper).

For years, Van Meter taught Severide quite a bit about arson investigation, and the head of OFI was considered to be a good friend.

Enter Melissa Keating, another investigator that Pearce had working with Severide to get to the bottom of the suspicious fire.

Stella Kidd saw that her husband was going to be working with someone new, and she joked that Keating was a “cute partner” that Severide got to spend time with.

The good news is that she was more keen on getting to the truth rather than taking down Van Meter, so Keating defended Severide when things got tricky.

Who plays Melissa Keating on the Chicago Fire cast?

Actress Jana Kramer — who was recently seen in the new Christmas movie Steppin’ Into the Holiday — has now joined the world of One Chicago.

This might end up being her only episode of Chicago Fire, but she did hold her own in the scenes that she shared with Taylor Kinney (Severide). It suggests that she could also be tapped to guest star in another future episode of the show.

Before taking on this role, Jana actually shared the small screen with Sophia Bush from Chicago P.D. They both used to star on One Tree Hill, which then led to Sophia becoming Detective Erin Lindsay on the P.D. cast.

Additional roles that viewers may have seen Jana play were in the holiday films The Christmas Fix Up and Christmas in Mississippi.

More to come from Chicago Fire

There was a lot of drama within the January 11 episode of Chicago Fire, and it extended beyond the case that Severide was working on.

Violet Mikami discovered audio recordings where Chief Evan Hawkins spoke about Emma Jacobs trying to blackmail him. Violet turned in the recordings, and it looks like Emma is done at the CFD.

Elsewhere, the wife of Christopher Herrmann (Cindy Herrmann) found out that she has lung cancer. This will be an important plot that the show deals with during upcoming episodes.

Coming up: A new episode of Celebrity Jeopardy! features a Chicago Med actress, giving fans of the One Chicago shows a good reason to tune in.

And some intriguing Chicago P.D. spoilers point to a villain’s return.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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8 months ago

I love this program, BUT. . .
WHY do CFD paramedics keep talking about dosing patients with fentenyl??!!! It sure seems to be careless, dangerous, and foolish, considering all the problems with it. Just STOP promoting it!
I am astounded and exceedingly disappointed that this program continues to carelessly throw around the name and use of this drug as if it were Tylenol. WHY?!