Chicago Fire spoilers: Showrunner addresses big plot points

Cruz Chicago Fire S11
Joe Minoso has played Firefighter Joe Cruz on the Chicago Fire cast for years. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire showrunner Andrea Newman revealed some spoilers about the new season.

The previous season of Chicago Fire ended with several cliffhangers, and fans need answers. Answers are coming, but so are some noteworthy casting changes.

As a reminder, Chicago Fire Season 11 ended with Kelly Severide missing, Matt Casey asking Sylvie Brett to marry him, and Mouch getting injured on a call.

Casey returned to Chicago to help stop a domestic terrorist attack. He ended up in the middle of a call for Firehouse 51 that featured those terrorists.

Actor Taylor Kinney took a leave of absence from the show, which led the writers to have Severide take on additional arson training, but then he went on an assignment. Stella Kidd left Chicago to find her husband, Kelly Severide, as the season ended.

Mouch was also injured during that final call, leaving him in the hospital as Christopher Herrmann checked on his health.

Chicago Fire showrunner reveals some minor Season 12 spoilers

Chicago Fire fans asked what will happen with the Brettsey proposal and if the show will feature Severide in the first Season 12 episode.

“Brett’s answer to Casey’s proposal is a mystery that’s revealed in the premiere [airing Wednesday, January 17], during an incident at 51 where Violet has to get creative to save the day,” the showrunner told TV Line.

“Viewers will have to tune in to see if Severide returns in the premiere,” she teased, “but I’ll say this — Stella Kidd is holding all the cards.”

Regarding Severide’s return, fans shared pictures of Taylor Kinney from the Chicago Fire set. This indicates he is returning early in Season 12 – if not the premiere itself.

The first Chicago Fire promo for the new episodes also features Stellaride, suggesting they have a subplot in the first new installment.

More news from Chicago Fire Season 12

The Chicago Fire cast is losing a star. One of the firefighters has filmed his final scenes, and his character arc ends with the Season 12 premiere.

A new actor also joined the Chicago Fire cast, with his first appearance happening during Episode 2 of the new season.

The Chicago Fire Season 12 premiere debuts on NBC at 9/8c on Wednesday, January 17. It is preceded by the Chicago Med Season 9 premiere and followed by the Chicago P.D. Season 11 premiere.

Previous episodes of Chicago Fire are available for streaming on Peacock. Fans may want to re-watch the Season 11 finale to get a refresher on the cliffhangers.

Chicago Fire returns on January 17 on NBC.

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