Chicago Fire season finale clip, episode images feature Matt Casey’s return

Jesse Spencer Happy
Actor Jesse Spencer is beloved by Chicago Fire fans. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

The Chicago Fire season finale features the return of Lieutenant Matthew Casey.

Casey popped by for an episode earlier this season, letting Stella Kidd know he had picked her to join a task force.

In the latest episode, Sylvie Brett revealed she wanted to adopt the baby she and Violet saved on a call.

That plot point will get addressed further when Casey comes to town.

At this point, it’s also hard for fans not to cheer for a possible Brettsey reunion before the season concludes.

Is a reunion in the cards for the May 24 episode of Chicago Fire?

Synopsis for Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 22

“Brett waits for life-changing news; Herrmann encounters a psychic with a grave warning on a call; Kidd finds a new lead on the Homeland Security case,” reads the full synopsis for the new episode of Chicago Fire.

Breaking it down, Brett is waiting to hear about the baby, Herrmann will provide some humor and foreshadowing, and the Homeland Security case is why Casey has returned.

Chicago Fire season finale promo

Below is the promo that NBC is running for the Chicago Fire season finale. It airs at 9/8c on Wednesday, May 24.

The teaser hints that Casey wants to get back together with Brett. NBC slipped in a kiss the former couple shared during a previous season, and Casey is ready for more kissing.

How will this impact the relationship between Dylan and Brett? Will he get cold feet about possibly becoming a parent this early in the relationship?

There is also no guarantee that Brett can adopt the baby, but her character could use some good news after everything she has been through.

Casey Chicago Fire Finale
Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey on the Chicago Fire season finale. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

More Chicago Fire news

The writers revealed what Kelly Severide has been up to on Chicago Fire, serving up some shocking news to the other characters and fans at home.

Even though actor Taylor Kinney has returned to social media, he is not back on the set of Chicago Fire. Fans still hope he will return for Season 12.

And speaking of the set, two security guards became heroes during an incident that happened while Chicago Fire was filming Season 11.

As a reminder, the Chicago Fire season finale airs on May 24. It is followed by an explosive season finale for Chicago P.D. that impacts the future of the NBC drama.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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