Chicago Fire: What happened to Kelly Severide?

Kelly Severide Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney continues to play Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Adrian Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire has been without star Taylor Kinney for months.

Taylor took a leave of absence from the show, forcing the writers to adjust future episodes.

This led Lieutenant Kelly Severide to go to Alabama for a training program on arson.

It caught everyone at Firehouse 51 off-guard, especially his wife, Stella Kidd.

The writing was set up so Severide could pop back in any time, but he has not yet returned.

And in the latest episode, a shocking revelation was made about Severide.

Where did Kelly Severide go on Chicago Fire?

Joe Cruz, who leads Squad in Severide’s absence, heard shocking information about his boss.

A firefighter with ties to the man who runs the arson program in Alabama chatted with Cruz for a bit.

He let Cruz know that Severide hasn’t been in Alabama for a while and that he had gone to help the ATF on a big case.

Not only was Cruz shocked about the news, but he was also hurt that Severide and Kidd had not told him. But when he went to Kidd, he learned she was also in the dark.

For now, the storyline of Chicago Fire has Severide helping out the ATF on a mysterious case. Could this tie to the threat that Matthew Casey said was made against cities like Portland and Chicago?

The fact that Severide has gone radio-silent within the show is worrying, but it also keeps the door open for the character to return.

What will Kidd do with this news? That is likely to be addressed in the season finale.

Will Kelly Severide return for Chicago Fire Season 12?

It was revealed that Taylor Kinney is not in the Chicago Fire season finale. That’s unfortunate because it is also the episode where Jesse Spencer appears again.

Since the show has been approved for Season 12, it’s possible that Taylor could return to the set. It’s also possible that the season finale has a plot point that will end the character’s time on the show.

If Severide is indeed gone for good, that news will break the hearts of many Chicago Fire fans. Even this season, Severide has had some big moments that have endeared him to the viewers. One such moment is shared below, where he talks with paramedic Violet Mikami after the death of Chief Hawkins.

The Chicago Fire season finale airs on May 24. To catch up on previous episodes from the current season, everything is available for streaming on Peacock.

To re-watch the scene where Cruz learns about Severide, it is in Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 21.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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1 year ago

Dying for Severide to return and not another person to fill in. No one can fill his shoes! If Taylor doesn’t return, kill off the character.

Rosemary Dixon
Rosemary Dixon
1 year ago
Reply to  Carmen

Totally agree with you

1 year ago

Please find Severide, we want him back!!!!!!