Chicago Fire: It’s time to resolve the Brettsey situation

Sylvie Brett Chicago Fire Season 11
Sylvie Brett has to answer a big question on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: NBC

Chicago Fire Season 12 has some crucial cliffhangers to address.

The first thing to focus on is whether or not Mouch survives.

Right out of the gate, fans also need some resolution to the Brettsey storyline.

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In the Season 11 finale, Brett Casey (Jesse Spencer) returned to Chicago again.

Though Casey was primarily there to help stop a terrorist attack, he also caused some waves with his former flame.

Casey proposed to Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) right before the show went on hiatus.

Time for some Brettsey answers on Chicago Fire

Brett and Casey tried to start a relationship, but he moved to Portland to take care of the kids of a fallen firefighter.

The couple tried to make a long-distance relationship work but called it quits after a while.

When Casey returned to Chicago to help lead a task force on terrorism, it was clear that he still had feelings for Brett.

And on the season finale, he saw she was ready to start a family with the baby she was trying to adopt.

Is Casey serious about moving back to Chicago and marrying Brett? Or did the emotions of his latest visit to Chicago lead to an impulse decision?

Chicago Fire 9x15: Brett And Casey I'm In Love With You

A delay in answers about Chicago Fire Season 12 and the cast

The new season of Chicago Fire could get postponed, which would mean a long delay in fans finding out Brettsey answers.

A reprieve may have happened about the strikes, but only time will tell if production can resume for fall episodes of Chicago Fire to air on NBC.

It still hasn’t been announced whether or not Jesse Spencer is returning to the Chicago Fire cast full-time.

Jesse wanted to take a break from acting when he originally left the show, but maybe he is ready to return to the show.

Having Casey return would be a big boost to the show and an exciting storyline for the fans.

And the problem with Kelly Severide being MIA also has to be addressed.

More news from Chicago Fire

One of the Chicago Fire stars is worried the writers will kill off a main character soon.

Many fans also shared that same concern.

David Eigenberg also shared a ride-along story where he was learning more about what real firefighters go through daily.

To rewatch older episodes of Chicago Fire, the series is available for streaming on Peacock. That includes the dramatic Season 11 finale, where many different stories went unresolved.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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