Chicago Fire fans plead for Taylor Kinney to return

Taylor Kinney Red Carpet Smile
Taylor Kinney took a leave of absence from Chicago Fire. Pic credit: ©

Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney took a leave of absence from the show, shocking many fans with the announcement.

It was an abrupt exit that caught nearly everyone off guard.

This meant that Kelly Severide would not appear for a while on the show at Firehouse 51.

Recently, the Chicago Fire writers revealed where Severide went, suggesting he could be out for a while.

In some exciting news, though, it was revealed that Jesse Spencer is back to play Matt Casey.

Hopefully, future episodes will have Severide and Casey hanging out together again. They were a great duo on television once they got over their in-house competition from earlier seasons.

Chicago Fire fans beg Taylor Kinney to come back

Many Chicago Fire fans have been posting messages of support for Taylor Kinney, while also begging him to come back and continue playing Kelly Severide.

“Prayers that all is ok with Taylor and that returns to Chicago Fire. Severide and Casey are my favorite and without Taylor, the show won’t be the same. I have watched every episode of every season and he has been there since day 1. Please, please come back,” wrote one fan on Taylor Kinney’s Instagram page.

“I can’t watch Chicago Fire without you, so please hurry back, we’ll surely miss you,” another fan wrote.

Taylor Kinney Fans
A fan wrote a message to Taylor Kinney. Pic credit: @mopargirl413_1977/Instagram

Below are some additional comments that fans have left on Taylor Kinney’s last Instagram post from back in December. They talk about missing him and hoping he will return to the show soon.

Taylor Kinney Instagram
More fans leave messages for Taylor Kinney. Pic credit: @TaylorKinney111/Instagram

Those are just a few of the notes left for Taylor, with hundreds more popping up on Twitter and his latest Instagram posts. It’s very clear that people miss seeing him each week.

More to come from Chicago Fire Season 11

There are still a lot of episodes left in the current season of Chicago Fire, including a dramatic one set to debut on March 22.

A mini-crossover between Fire and Chicago Med is also coming up earlier that night.

For now, it is still unclear how long Taylor Kinney will be taking leave from the show, and no announcement has been made about him returning for more episodes this spring.

Until more information about Taylor’s plans comes out, fans can stream older Chicago Fire episodes featuring him using Peacock. That’s also where everyone can catch up on previous episodes from this season before the latest hiatus ends.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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Kathy Hames
Kathy Hames
11 months ago

Bring Kelly back and him and Stella get back together and have a baby

Linda Andrasak
Linda Andrasak
10 months ago

Please come back I miss you