Big Brother 21 sneak peek: CBS reveals opening episode clip

Big Brother 21 Season Premiere Photo
Big Brother 21 sneak peek includes a Season 21 cast photo from the premiere. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

A Big Brother 21 sneak peek was just released by CBS. It gives fans a look at the season premiere episode, which premieres tonight.

As shared below, the BB21 clip lasts close to four minutes in length, giving a quick introduction to the new houseguests. Sixteen people are participating as part of the cast.

The reason a clip like this is available is that the season already started. While the first episode hasn’t debuted on CBS yet, producers have been pre-taping footage for almost a week.

Big Brother 21 Episode 1 sneak peek

In this clip, the BB21 cast is enjoying champagne as they begin introducing themselves. It takes place shortly after they have been let into the house by the host.

Jessica Milagros is one of the women who speak in the clip. Truck driver Sam Smith is also featured, and no he isn’t the singer of the same name.

College soccer player Analyse Talavera also gets a segment in the BB21 cast clip, which includes one of the other houseguests finding her quite attractive. Is this an early hint that a Big Brother showmance is developing?

Big Brother 2019 cast reveal

While CBS already released bios and pre-show interviews for each of the new houseguests, getting to see the Big Brother 2019 cast revealed like this is making people excited on social media.

The primary focus of the first episode is for host Julie Chen to introduce the cast to the CBS audience. It’s possible that not a lot happens outside of introductions and the presentation of the theme.

Within the summer 2019 season schedule, there are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday night episodes to kick off the campaign. After the first two weeks, the schedule slides back to Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights.

This Big Brother 21 sneak peek was a good idea by the producers of the show, as it gets people excited about what is going to take place this summer.

Now, all that’s left to do is to see how the BB21 cast interacts and who starts to emerge as a favorite to win Season 21.

Big Brother returns in summer 2019 with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday night episodes on CBS.

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