Adrian Veidt on Watchmen: Where is the former Ozymandias held captive at on HBO series?

Ozymandias on Watchmen
Ozymandias statue on Watchmen. Pic credit: HBO

The fourth episode of Watchmen on HBO brought two very interesting things to light when it comes to Adrian Veidt, the former Ozymandias.

First of all, many fans made predictions after the first three episodes that Adrian Veidt was not on Earth at all. The conjecture was that he was held captive on Mars by Dr. Manhattan.

However, there were two clues in this episode that makes that seem unlikely.

Adrian Veidt is a prisoner on Watchmen

Last week, the fact that the Lord of the Manor was actually Adrian Veidt came as little surprise to anyone. However, what was surprising was the Game Warden that took a shot at Veidt.

Veidt received a letter from the Game Wardon reminding him of the agreement to his terms of captivity.

This week, Veidt made a bigger claim.

He has been there for four years and wants to get out. He said that he thought at first it was a paradise but now realizes it is not and it is time to find a way out.

Remember when Veidt said that he could make good use of the bodies of all his cloned servants? He made use this week.

Viewers saw how he found the clones and turned them into adult servants. Then, he trained the two new adult servants to follow his commands.

Those commands included using a giant catapult he built to launch the dead clones into the sky (he massacred a ton of them the night before in an unseen occurrence).

However, as Veidt watched the clones fly into the sky, they hit one point and then went through something and disappeared.

That lends credence to the idea that he is on Mars and under a protective shield created by Dr. Manhattan to keep him safe. However, there was another scene this week that makes it seem like something different happened.

Lady Trieu on The Watchmen

This week introduced the trillionaire Lady Trieu to the world of The Watchmen on HBO.

She is who bought Adrian Veidt’s company after he disappeared. Remember, no one knows what happened to Veidt and he was declared dead.

However, as Trieu was speaking with Angela and Laurie Blake about her flying machines that could have lifted Will and Angela’s car into the sky in Episode 2 only to drop it at Laurie’s feet in Episode 3, there was something interesting in the room.

An Ozymandias statue was there and Laurie remarked that it looked terrible because Adrian Veidt was made to look old.

The problem is that the Adrian Veidt statue looks exactly like he looks at his Manor — four years after he disappeared.

Could Lady Trieu have somehow captured Adrian Veidt and have him locked away in his own mind, frozen in time in the statue? Could his mind somehow be powering the Millennium Clock?

Stranger things have happened in a world that still rains squid from an alternate dimension.

Watchmen airs on HBO on Sundays at 9/8c.

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