9-11: Lone Star Season 2 release date latest: When is it coming out?

rob lowe as owen strand on 9 11 lone star
Rob Lowe as firefighter Owen Strand on 9-11: Lone Star. Pic credit: FOX

The spinoff 9-11: Lone Star focuses on major emergencies and natural disasters with a spotlight on the workers involved in risking their lives to help others during these tense situations.

It became a breakout hit on Fox after just one season, so fans are hoping to see more of the rescue workers and emergency personnel’s adventures in the state of Texas.

Here’s everything we know so far about 9-11: Lone Star airing for a second season, including possible release date, cast updates, and more.

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This article provides everything that is known about 9-11: Lone Star Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of 9-11: Lone Star?

Fans were wondering if the Lone Star spinoff would get canceled or renewed after just one season. The 9-11 series was quite popular for three seasons on Fox, and the spinoff has done nearly as well in terms of its ratings.

Per Cinemaholic, 9-11: Lone Star had ratings of about 6.5 million viewers per episode in Season 1. That was comparable to the average of 6.7M viewers that the original series 9-11 was getting for Season 2.

The report also mentions 9-11: Lone Star outperformed other popular shows on Fox, such as crime drama Prodigal Son.

That popularity led to news that Fox Entertainment renewed both of its popular drama series.

Deadline brought the announcement this past April that 9-11 will get a fourth season and spinoff 9-11: Lone Star will be back for its second season.

Fox Entertainment President of Entertainment Michael Thorn praised the creative team, including creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear, along with the cast and crew for bringing forth such exciting shows full of natural disasters and human drama.

“From Los Angeles earthquakes and tsunamis to Texas-sized tornados and bucking broncos, both shows deliver incredible spectacle with strong, identifiable characters you care about week to week,” Thorn said in a statement about the renewal.

“We eagerly look forward to many more thrilling rescues in both series, which help honor this country’s brave first responders, as well as those around the world,” he added with regards to the 9-1-1 shows returning.

Release date latest: When does 9-11: Lone Star Season 2 come out?

In November, Fox revealed 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 2 would premiere on January 18, 2021.

The first season of 9-11: Lone Star premiered on Fox on January 19, 2020. It consisted of 10 episodes, with the final two episodes airing back-to-back on March 9, 2020.

With the renewal announcement coming in April, that put the news right during the coronavirus pandemic. Many television productions around the world have had to change their plans to ensure the safety of their casts and crews.

There’s been no official release date given for the show yet. However, Rob Lowe gave an interview in late July to USA Today, where he discussed getting back in shape to resume work on the show.

“I feel like, you know, I’m getting ready to come back to shoot the new 9-1-1: Lone Star, so I’ve gotta get myself together. I go to my low-carb, high-protein way of eating, and it feels good to get into a certain fighting shape,” Lowe said with regards to getting back to work.

That seems to bode well for the show to possibly return on schedule in January 2021 or soon after.

9-11: Lone Star Season 2 cast updates

Rob Lowe and Liv Tyler head up the main cast with Lowe as firefighter captain Owen Strand, who hails from New York, and Tyler as Michelle Blake, the paramedic EMS captain.

Also on the main cast is Ronen Rubinstein in the role of Tyler Kennedy Strand. Also known as TK, he’s Owen’s openly gay son and a recovering opioid addict. It would be a surprise not to see TK back on Season 2.

Jim Parrack as firefighter Judd Ryder and Sierra McClain as his wife, 9-1-1 operator Grace Ryder should be back as well.


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Other main cast members on Lone Star Season 1 included Natacha Karam as firefighter/paramedic Marjan Marwani, Brian Michael Smith as firefighter Paul Strickland, Rafael Silva as police officer Carlos Reyes, and Julian Works as Mateo Chavez.

Some of the recurring cast members could continue to pop up or take on primary cast roles for Season 2.

Viewers have seen Deputy Fire Chief Alden Radford (Kyle Secor), paramedics Nancy Gillan (Brianna Baker) and Tim Rosewater (Mark Elias), as well as Michelle’s missing sister Iris (Lyndsy Fonseca).

There’s also Captain Billy Tyson (Billy Burke), who was plotting to take over Owen’s job in Season 1. We could see these characters and other recurring cast members again for Season 2.

9-11: Lone Star Season 2 spoilers

The finale involved a few major plot points for ongoing storylines. On the mend from gunshot wounds, TK let the team know about his addiction but also that he had decided he wants to be a firefighter.

In the final episode, he also questioned his relationship with Carlos.

Also, Michelle finally found out her sister Iris is alive and suffering from schizophrenia. Iris is in the area but at a homeless camp. She plans to stay there rather than go with Michelle and her mother.

That could continue to play into Season 2.

Rob Lowe also shed quite a bit of light on what viewers might expect from 9-11: Lone Star Season 2. In his USA Today interview, he hinted at a flashback episode to show his character involved in the devastating events that happened on September 11.

“We’re going this year to do a flashback episode of my character on 9/11, and it’s gonna be really powerful, and I’m really excited to do this episode,” Lowe said.

Lowe also mentioned the potential for a crossover episode involving the cast of the 9-11 series on Fox. He didn’t confirm that it will arrive in Season 2, but it seems work is being done on it, and it could happen.

“I would love to be with Peter Krause, Angela Bassett, and we don’t know yet, but we’re working on a big crossover episode that would just be spectacular.

So, hopefully, this will be the season that we get it, and it will probably come sooner than later,” Lowe said.

That would certainly be something to watch out for in Season 2, but most fans will be happy to see more of the riveting drama and tense emergencies that the various characters endure on Lone Star.

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9-11: Lone Star Season 2 will premiere on January 18, 2021, at 10/9c on Fox.

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