10 Star Wars characters who should appear in The Bad Batch

Clone Force 99 in Star Wars: The Bad Batch
Clone Force 99 in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Pic credit: Lucasfilm

The premiere of the new Star Wars animated series The Bad Batch means a new plethora of Star Wars cast appearances.

They set the series during the events of Revenge of the Sith, when the Republic has transformed into the Empire. It follows Clone Force 99, a batch of “defective” clones forced on the run when they won’t follow Imperial orders. 

The premiere had a big surprise for fans when the Batch aids in Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume escaping Order 66. Caleb will grow up to become Star Wars Rebels hero Kanan Jarrus. 

This leaves the potential for other Star Wars characters to pop in. It seems inevitable fellow Clone Wars soldier Rex will drop by, and future episodes will feature The Mandalorian bounty hunter Fennec Shand. 

Other appearances are likely and can range from fan-favorite characters to a few surprises, as some of them would be younger and different from the versions fans know in the movies. 

While there are a lot of choices, these are ten characters Star Wars fans would love to see pop up in the Bad Batch and help it fit into the larger Star Wars history. 

Grogu aka Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian
Will the beloved Baby Yoda return for season 3 of The Mandalorian? Pic credit: Disney+

This may seem crazy, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

While Grogu may seem a baby, it’s actually fifty years old post Return of the Jedi, meaning it would still be in its twenties when the Bad Batch takes place. 

Ahsoka revealed the Grogu was in the Jedi Temple when Order 66 went down and somehow spirited away after the fall. Maybe the Batch ended up being part of that operation.

The idea of these commandos trying to handle an alien Jedi baby would be comedy gold but also show their heart protecting him from danger.

With the Mandalorian so hot, working in a Baby Yoda appearance would be a good way to spark up the show. 


Solo A Star Wars Story
Han Solo and Chewbacca in Solo A Star Wars Story. Pic credit: Lucasfilm

Given his two-hundred-year-plus life, the Wookie warrior would be an impressive addition to the show.

A fun plotline could have the Batch heading to Kashyyyk, which had just beaten back the Separatists only for the Empire to take it over. 

Chewie spent years aiding the Wookie rebellion against the Empire before his eventual capture and the road leading to him meeting Han Solo. 

The Batch could arrive on Kashyyyk for a mission and team up with Chewbacca, feeling great respect for these Wookie fighters. It can also show the courage Chewie later showcases in the Rebellion. 

It’s surprising Chewie hasn’t popped up more in the Clone Wars, but this could make up for lost time. 


Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan on The Mandalorian Pic credit: Lucasfilm

While Katee Sackhoff is unsure if her Mandalorian warrior will return in live-action, it should be obvious having her voice the character again.

Bo-Katan’s journey is fascinating, as her last appearances on the Clone Wars had her fighting to free Mandalore. Seeing her dealing with the planet falling under the control of the Empire would be great.

Having Bo-Katan and the Batch fighting side-by-side against the Empire would be a terrific sight, as it would also fill the gap of what she was doing between Clone Wars and Rebels. 

Bo-Katan would fit with the Batch perfectly, and Sackhoff would no doubt love playing the character once more. 


Hondo Star Wars
Hondo at Star Wars Rise of the Resistance ride Pic credit: Disney

This seems almost inevitable

If there’s one thing Clone Wars fans know about Hondo Ohnaka, it’s that he’s a survivor. The conniving crook can talk and weasel his way out of any situation, and the Rebels show establishes he survives for a while.

Hondo would have no problem adapting to this changed galaxy, still running his smuggling and con games and being an excellent source of information on the black market. He would face the problem in that the Empire won’t be as lenient as the Republic.

It would also be hilarious watching the scheming crook take on the Batch, who would be tempted to just shoot him yet oddly endeared to the guy.

Given his popularity with fans, Hondo showing up on the series seems just a matter of time. 

Boba Fett

The Book of Boba Fett will give the Star Wars bounty hunter his own spinoff. Pic credit: Disney Plus

The long-popular bounty hunter would have an intriguing appearance in The Bad Batch.

Boba is still young and just starting out in his career as a bounty hunter. He’ll want to make a name for himself, and hunting down the Batch would be just the thing for his reputation.

This would be a great showcase for Boba’s past, how he adapts his armor and the Batch teaching him how to be a better fighter. 

It can also finally give fans the planned showdown with rival hunter Cad Bane that was sadly deleted from the Clone Wars.

Examining how Boba became Fett would be an awesome turn for the show. 

Ahsoka Tano

Live-action Ahsoka Tano and her pure white lightsabers on The Mandalorian. (Pic credit: Lucasfilm)

The most popular addition to the Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano was last seen on that show fleeing Order 66 and believed dead. 

Star Wars Rebels had her returning and fans know she survives to star in The Mandalorian. 

An appearance would make sense as Ahsoka could aid the Batch on a mission while working with clones again and being fun interacting with young Omega.

It would also show how Ahsoka starts the path that changes her into Fulcrum and be a top fighter aiding the group.

Given her powerful presence in the Star Wars animated canon, not having Ahsoka show up on the show is unlikely. 

Darth Maul

Darth Maul
Darth Maul in Star Wars the Clone Wars Pic credit: Lucasfilm

The last time Clone Wars fans saw Darth Maul, he had brought down an entire starship and taken off for parts unknown. 

The Solo movie establishes Maul takes over the Crimson Dawn criminal organization and how he rose to this mob boss would be an intriguing storyline.

The series can play on that, the Batch not even knowing who Maul is in a conflict as Maul realizes challenging Palpatine directly is foolish. Thus, he can go underground and slowly build up his crime syndicate. 

Maul remains one of the most fascinating villains in Star Wars lore, so having him alongside the Batch on a mission would be a great showcase for him. 

Cad Bane

cad bane
Cad Bane in Star Wars the Clone Wars Pic credit: Lucasfilm

Clone Wars fans were upset about the show’s early cancelation because it robbed them of more Cad Bane.

The cool and effective bounty hunter was an ace fighter, able even to defeat the Jedi as well as amazingly smart.

Like other bounty hunters, Bane would adapt to the changes by accepting new contracts from the Empire.

The Batch would naturally have a high price on their head to bring Bane after them and be a fun chase. It would also finally allow fans to discover Bane’s fate and be terrific to see this outstanding villain on screen one last time. 

Darth Vader

Darth Vader Rebels
Darth Vader vs Kanan Star Wars Rebels Pic credit: Lucasfilm

Recently, Matt Lanter indicated he would reprise his voice role of Anakin Skywalker in a new project. This could be it. 

At this point in the timeline, Vader is still mostly unknown even to Imperial forces and hasn’t become the feared enforcer for the Emperor. He’s also busy hunting down any escaped Jedi.

But if the Batch continues to cause problems, its logical Vader tries to hunt them down. As good as the Batch are, facing a powerful Sith would be an enormous challenge.

It would establish how Vader becomes more of a commanding presence in the Empire and the beginning of his dark reputation spreading across the galaxy. 


Clone Wars
Star Wars The Clone Wars Pic credit: Lucasfilm/disney

This may be a reach, but it could still work. 

Obi-Wan Kenobi is assumed dead by the Empire, even if Vader suspects he’s still out there. He’s busy settling in on Tatooine and preparing to watch over the infant Luke. 

Some books showcase that Obi-Wan leaves his vigil now and then for a special mission which could lead to meeting the Batch. More obvious would be the team having to hide out on Tatooine and running into the former Jedi.

It would be intriguing with the Batch suspecting Obi-Wan is more than just hiding but willing to accept his aid, and it would be great hearing James Arnold Taylor handling the voice once more. 

Star Wars: The Bad Batch streaming new episodes Fridays on Disney+.

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