Ten times the Star Wars universe was a master of ‘show don’t tell’

This article contains spoilers for various Star Wars shows, including Star Wars: The Bad Batch.  Anyone who’s ever written (or, in my case, tried to write) has probably heard the advice to “show, don’t tell.” Like most good guidance, it sounds simple, but it’s incredibly difficult.  “Show, don’t tell” invites the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.


10 Ways Ahsoka Tano is the Star Wars Universe’s Sophia Petrillo

This article contains spoilers about Season 2 of The Mandalorian. When I mentioned recently that Ahsoka Tano is Star Wars’ own Sophia Petrillo, I had no idea how deeply the parallels ran between the Clone Wars standout and the Golden Girls legend played by Estelle Getty. Whether we’re talking Miami or Coruscant, both of these


Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian is canceled on Twitter: The scandal explained

Many The Mandalorian fans have rushed to social media in outrage, demanding that Baby Yoda be canceled. People are actually accusing adorable tiny Baby Yoda of committing genocide. An online debate that was only slightly serious began this week, where fans debated whether the little one is actually a homicidal maniac. Warning: some spoilers for


Baby Jabba the Hutt: The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda may have met their match

Baba Jabba the Hutt is grabbing the attention of Star Wars fans as a potential rival to the cute character known as Baby Yoda. While The Mandalorian made the latter of these characters famous thanks to millions of people checking out the Disney+ series, the other one is a fan-made sensation. However, it’s raising eyebrows


Baby Yoda sipping soup is the GIF that keeps on giving

Baby Yoda is the undisputed star of The Mandalorian, as evidenced by an onslaught of Baby Yoda meme sharing that exploded after the infant character first appeared on the show toward the end of Chapter 1. The Baby Yoda sipping soup/tea GIF is from the last episode of The Mandalorian series, titled Sanctuary, that dropped


Baby Yoda’s best moments from The Mandalorian Chapter 4: Sanctuary

For fans of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda is undeniably the best part of the show. The little green dude pulls at heartstrings and makes one laugh all the while making viewers want nothing more than his safety. For parents of toddlers (or fur babies who act like toddlers), Baby Yoda will make them want to


‘I Want Fruit Gummy’ and other Baby Yoda memes you’ll love

Baby Yoda is the surprise breakout star of Disney Plus’ Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian. The Internet is smitten with the cute pointy-eared alien infant and fans have been having fun generating hundreds of memes in gushing celebration of the adorable character who has upstaged Pedro Pascal’s armored character, The Mandalorian, who is officially


The Mandalorian: ‘This is the way’ meaning

“This is the way” is a phrase repeated several times in The Mandalorian Episode 3, titled The Sin. We learned that the phrase sums up the entire way of life or code of the Mandalorian race. During the latest episode of the show on Disney+, we saw The Mandalorian torn between fulfilling his mission of