Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian is canceled on Twitter: The scandal explained

Baby Yoda eats the eggs
Baby Yoda shocked many fans by eating an alien frog species’ eggs, sparking demands that he be canceled. Pic credit: Disney+

Many The Mandalorian fans have rushed to social media in outrage, demanding that Baby Yoda be canceled.

People are actually accusing adorable tiny Baby Yoda of committing genocide. An online debate that was only slightly serious began this week, where fans debated whether the little one is actually a homicidal maniac.

Warning: some spoilers for chapter 10 of The Mandalorian.

It seems some people were genuinely upset, and it doesn’t matter how you sugarcoat the events; on the last episode of Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian, the Child, aka Baby Yoda, was spotted snacking on the eggs of an endangered galactic species.

In the episode, bounty hunter Din Djarin agreed to transport an amphibious alien woman known as Frog Lady to a far-flung swamplike planet to meet up with her frogman and fertilize her eggs.

To complicate matters, Frog Lady and her kind are highly endangered, and her eggs could be the last chance to save the species.

Fans shocked when Baby Yoda ate alien frog eggs

Amazingly and shockingly, the eggs were left UNATTENDED, meaning Baby Yoda could help himself to a tasty snack! The naughty Yoda even checked to make sure no one was looking, so he knew it was wrong.

Cue outraged fans.

One fan took to Twitter to spell out what everyone was outraged about; they wrote: “Baby Yoda really just ate that woman’s kids right in front of us in episode 2 this season.”

And someone responded to their tweet by saying they thought the show meant it to be funny, but it was actually “super uncomfortable.”

Tweets condemning Baby Yoda
Pic credit: @Whit_theWhit and @deedahnjr/Twitter

Some argued that the eggs were unfertilized

However, many fans leaped to Yoda’s defense, with folks pointing out that the eggs were unfertilized, meaning it was no more genocidal than eating some regular chicken eggs.

Fan defends Baby Yoda
Pic credit: @JayBeeHanna/Twitter

But other fans countered by arguing that they were still Frog Lady’s eggs, and she greatly valued them.

Baby Yoda egg argument rages on Twitter
Pic credit: @fangirlcantina and @PhilSzostak/Twitter

Former Scrubs actor Zach Braff waded into the debate when he tweeted, “People are mad that Baby Yoda (a fictional rubber puppet) ate a computer-generated alien frog’s eggs.”

In a tweet that was dripping with sarcasm, we can assume he was defending the young Yoda.

Zach Braff tweet
Pic credit: @zachbraff/Twitter

Whether or not you consider this debate amusing or are generally angry, it does prove that The Mandalorian continues to compel its viewers. Catch up on Monsters and Critics review of season 2 right here.

And for now, Baby Yoda is not actually canceled.

You can catch up with the latest episodes of The Mandalorian on Disney+

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