What happened to April on Chicago Med, where is Yaya DaCosta?

Chicago Med fans tuning in for the Season 7 premiere might wonder what happened to April Sexton. Played by Yaya DaCosta, the character of April has been an important one to the show for years. It’s possible that we have already seen April on Chicago Med for the last time, but the door was left


Chicago Med cast: Yaya DaCosta (April) speaks about leaving the show

The Chicago Med cast lost actress Yaya DaCosta as she decided to move on to other things. DaCosta played Nurse April Sexton on the show for years, but her character seemed to be in a bit of a rut during Season 6. For any Chicago Med fans who hadn’t heard the other news, Dr. Natalie


Is April Sexton leaving Chicago Med? Yaya DaCosta made a decision

The Chicago Med cast has featured actress Yaya DaCosta as Nurse April Sexton since the very beginning. There have been some pretty big bumps along the way for April, including several episodes from Season 6 where it looked like she was going to get fired. A lot of foreshadowing has made up the current season


Chicago Med cast spoilers: Two major characters leaving the show

Spoilers about the Chicago Med cast have revealed that two major characters are leaving the show before the conclusion of Season 6. This bit of news has been foreshadowed for a large portion of the current season, but confirmations have been made that the Chicago Med cast is going through some major changes. On the