Will Jodie Foster return for True Detective Season 5?

When HBO announced True Detective would return for a fourth season, headlined by Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, it was hard to tell whether the new season would be a hit. Despite a stellar freshman season, the two seasons that came after were less than spectacular, leading to speculation that the franchise wouldn’t get another

Hoyt on True Detective: Season 3 clue revealed to HBO viewers

Hoyt on True Detective has become a huge clue for viewers of the current season. The name is going to be a really important one in the final two episodes based on what took place during the episode titled “Hunters in the Dark.” Sometimes, episodes of True Detective can appear a bit disjointed, and that

Five other shows like True Detective which fans will love

True Detective shaped up to be one of the most well-regarded and most-watched shows of the past few years. One of the most intriguing features of True Detective is its short length: at only eight episodes per season, it often seems more like an extended movie than a true television series. Yet the growing trend for