True Detective Season 4 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

True Detective Season 1 and 3
True Detective Season 1 and 3. Pic credit: HBO

Even the most optimistic True Detective fans had mostly given up on seeing more of the anthology crime series. It has been over three years since the third season came out, and there has been little word of a new season in a long time.

However, the time has come, and a fourth season is finally coming out of the popular series.

Here is everything we know so far about True Detective Season 4.

This article provides everything that is known about True Detective Season 4 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 4 of True Detective?

Variety reported in March 2022 that the fourth season of True Detective is coming.

The bad news is that creator Nic Pizzolatto will not be running the new season of the show.

Pizzolatto had been working on a fourth season in 2019, but he chose to save that for another series or a movie. He then signed a first-look with FX Productions in 2020, and HBO decided to move on from the creator and work with new storytellers for the fourth season.

Now, Issa López is attached to serve as writer and executive producer. She will also direct the pilot.

Release date latest: When does True Detective Season 4 come out?

Since the news is fresh and the series is being developed as we speak, there is no word on the official release date.

Season 1 premiered in January 2014, Season 2 in June 2015, and Season 3 in January 2019.

However, with a new creative team and the fact that there have only been three seasons in eight years, there is no telling at what time of the year the new season will arrive.

Expect True Detective Season 4 in 2023.

We will update this article when HBO reveals more information about the new season of True Detective.

True Detective Season 4 cast updates

There is no word on who will star in True Detective Season 4.

Since this is an anthology series, don’t expect anyone from past seasons to appear. However, the leads are rumored to be two women for the first time.

True Detective Season 4 spoilers

There are only rumors of the storyline for True Detective Season 4.

Variety reported that the series should take place in the Arctic, where night can last more than 24 hours. There are also supposed to be two female officers in the lead this time around.

The first season was the one that received the most significant critical acclaim. It starred Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as two former detectives in Louisiana called in to answer questions about an investigation they worked on 27 years earlier.

The worry was that the perpetrator was still out there, and the police needed their help to catch him.

Season 2 of True Detective was the one that received the least love from fans and critics. In this, a young detective (Taylor Kitsch) finds a dead body and works with two other officers (Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams) on the murder.

When a career criminal (Vince Vaughn) loses a fortune because of the murder, he helps the detectives uncover corruption in the city.

It took four years for True Detective to get a third season, thanks to the bad reviews from the second. However, the wait was worth it.

In this season, Mahershala Ali is an elderly man facing dementia who is asked to try to remember a cold case investigation involving missing children from 35 years before for a true-crime documentary.

The story moves between the original case with his partner (Stephen Dorff), an investigation ten years later when a break in the case occurs, and the present-day where he tries to piece together evidence in his mind.

If the fourth season of True Detective follows the best parts of the first three seasons, the two detectives will likely be dealing with an old case that brings them back together when new evidence arises.

However, there is also the chance HBO will switch things up entirely with the new creative team.

HBO has yet to announce when True Detective Season 4 will premiere.

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