Hoyt on True Detective: Season 3 clue revealed to HBO viewers

Scott McNairy as Tom Purcell on True Detective cast
Scott McNairy as Tom Purcell on True Detective. Pic credit: HBO

Hoyt on True Detective has become a huge clue for viewers of the current season. The name is going to be a really important one in the final two episodes based on what took place during the episode titled “Hunters in the Dark.”

Sometimes, episodes of True Detective can appear a bit disjointed, and that is exactly what happened on February 10. But it finally led to a bit of a payoff, even though some viewers may not have been sure of what they were seeing in the closing moments.

True Detective Season 3 villain revealed?

Julie Purcell (Bea Santos), who has been missing for years, called a police hotline after seeing a news segment on television. It raised new questions about the mystery of her disappearance and the death of her brother.

Due to the call, Tom Purcell (Scott McNairy) suddenly becomes a prime suspect in the case. The father was never thought to be a suspect when the case was investigated 10 years earlier, as the lead detectives didn’t think he fit the crime.

It turns out that the brother of Tom’s wife, Lucy Purcell (Mamie Gummer), has information that he has withheld. Tom seeks out Dan O’Brien (Michael Graziadei) to get the name of a person who had been paying money for Lucy to find a new life.

Toward the end of the episode, Tom is seen arriving at a home with the name Hoyt out front. It is a huge compound, and upon breaking in, Tom comes across pink rooms, which were referenced as a place where Julie had been.

The significance of Hoyt on True Detective is that this is the family name of the food company where Lucy had worked on a chicken line. It’s a heavy hint for where the rest of Season 3 is heading in the final two episodes.

True Detective airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on HBO.

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