Will Jodie Foster return for True Detective Season 5?

Jodie Foster on True Detective.
Jodie Foster is not ready to return to True Detective. Pic credit: Michele K. Short/HBO

When HBO announced True Detective would return for a fourth season, headlined by Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, it was hard to tell whether the new season would be a hit.

Despite a stellar freshman season, the two seasons that came after were less than spectacular, leading to speculation that the franchise wouldn’t get another chance on the premium cabler.

Thankfully, switching things up paid off — big time. Issa Lopez took over from original creator Nic Pizzolatto to craft a stellar fourth entry titled “True Detective: Night Country,” which became the biggest season yet.

Given the story’s open-ended nature and HBO’s quick renewal for Season 5, there were some big questions about the next entry, including whether there would be any holdover cast members.

Foster turned in a captivating performance as Chief Liz Danvers, but sadly, that will be her first and only season on the anthology hit.

In a new interview with Variety, Foster said that her tenure on the show was “one and done” and revealed that she wouldn’t return.

True Detective: Night Country left some plot threads dangling

At the end of Night Country, some threads could be expanded upon in a sequel season, but it seems the show will tackle a whole new case, complete with a new location and cast when it returns to HBO again.

There is a possibility that some of the mysteries from the season will be addressed in a future season because Night Country featured plenty of throwbacks.

Foster was also asked about Pizzolatto’s public criticism of True Detective Night Country.

The original creator previously shared criticism across social media while the season was airing and after it concluded, but Foster wasn’t paying any attention to that noise, revealing she doesn’t use social media.

Will Nic Pizzolatto return to the show?

Pizzolatto was listed as an executive producer for the season but stated that he had no input into the story.

There’s a high chance his work with the show is over because HBO has already announced that Lopez will shepherd the next chapter, whatever that may be.

Given the series’ resurgence in popularity, it’s hard to imagine there being much of a wait for new episodes, so we should probably begin getting updates on casting news and plot details in the coming months.

HBO also has hits like The White Lotus and The Last of Us in production on new seasons, while House of the Dragon is set to return this summer.

True Detective is currently on hiatus at HBO. Season 5 is expected to premiere in 2025.

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