Tom Hardy turns into Al Capone in trailer for new biopic movie

It seems the long wait for the new biopic of Al Capone might be coming to an end soon as the trailer for Capone was released last night. Tom Hardy will be showing us his versatility by transforming himself into the notorious Chicago mob boss. The English actor will be playing Al Capone as he

Oona Chaplin and her Taboo character Zilpha Geary: Everything you need to know

Haunting, seductive, cunning and bereft of overt emotions, Oona Chaplin brings a deliciously deep dive of innate talent to her role as a seemingly contended well-to-do English lady, Zilpha Geary, on FX’s collaborative (partnered with BBC and Sonar), evocative and gritty period drama Taboo. Chaplin — the granddaughter of British silent film star Charlie Chaplin


What is the Sankofa bird symbol from Taboo?

Tom Hardy’s epic drama Taboo has drawn viewers’ intrigue with the mysterious Sankofa bird symbol which has made repeated appearances during the series so far. But what is it, and is it a real thing? The bird symbol first cropped up in Episode 2 when Hardy’s character James Delaney was seen chiselling it out on to the

Nootka Sound from Taboo: Is it real and was it really important?

The storyline of FX’s hit new Tom Hardy series Taboo centers around an area of land known as Nootka Sound — but is it really as significant as the show portrays? In Taboo, Hardy’s character James Keziah Delaney is left the piece of land by his late father, but faces difficulties when he refuses to sell

James Delaney faces unexpected rival and assassins on Taboo

This week on Taboo, James Delaney makes plans but they are threatened by a newcomer — and his life is in imminent danger. Tom Hardy’s character is as confident as he is mysterious, and this week sees his plans start to take shape as he makes some important purchases and looks to hire some eyes and

Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding ‘secretly courting’

Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding are secretly courting — and spent the night ‘canoodling’ at a recent polo event, according to reports. An onlooker said that at one point they looked as if they had shared a kiss under a blanket, according to The Sun. The 31-year-old Royal and 29-year-old singer have sparked rumours of a romance

Mad Max: Fury Road: So What’s New Max?

Mad Max: Fury Road, the much anticipated grandniece of Mad Max stars Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy as equal partners, battling outrageous odds on their journey out of chaos. The imagery is as startling and ugly/beautiful as one would expect and the chase and battle scenes as masterful, imaginative and insane. It’s a freak show