Tom Hardy turns into Al Capone in trailer for new biopic movie

Tom Hardy on the red carpet
Tom Hardy is playing Al Capone in his later years in movie biopic, Capone. Pic credit: © Carrie-nelson

It seems the long wait for the new biopic of Al Capone might be coming to an end soon as the trailer for Capone was released last night.

Tom Hardy will be showing us his versatility by transforming himself into the notorious Chicago mob boss.

The English actor will be playing Al Capone as he was in his later life, before his death in 1947, meaning the star of Mad Max: Fury Road had to don quite a bit of makeup for the role.

The movie was first announced in 2016 under the name Fonzo and focuses on the “untold story” of the mobster’s final years. Al Capone had previously become a household name due to his crimes during the prohibition era.

Tom Hardy is almost unrecognizable as Al Capone

In the trailer, the 42-year-old Hardy looks almost unrecognizable under layers of hair and makeup effects; the 1940s costume and cigar add to the transformation.

Tom Hardy as Al Capone
Tom Hardy as Al Capone. Pic credit: Bron Studios/ YouTube

The movie was directed by Josh Trank, who is best known for the 2012 science fiction film Chronicle and 2015s superhero film Fantastic Four.

Starring alongside Tom Hardy is Linda Cardellini, who plays Capone’s wife, Mae, and Matt Dillion, and Kyle MacLachlan.

Director Josh Frank says Capone will be released May 12

In a Tweet posted last night, Josh Trank wrote that the movie would be out on May 12. However, that date seems impossibly optimistic, given the fact that most theaters are closed during the current coronavirus pandemic.

He also mentioned the name change and the fact it would be his “cut.”

There has been no word as yet whether there’ll be any streaming options to see the movie.

Tom Hardy is no stranger to a gangster movie having played the lead in 2015’s Legend, a film about notorious London mobsters the Kray brothers who wreaked havoc on the streets of England’s capital throughout the 1960s.

Hardy took on the job of two actors for the movie by playing the roles of both Kray brothers.

This year we can also expect to see Tom Hardy take up his role as Eddie Brock/ Venom for a sequel to the 2018 superhero romp Venom.

This is even though the lead actor reportedly said he didn’t like the movie and complained that all his favorite scenes had been cut.

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4 years ago

Looks great. However I’m still sitting here waiting on the next installment of TABOO ?