Tom Hanks admits he only did DaVinci Code movies for the money

Tom Hanks may be one of Hollywood’s most well-respected and talented actors, but that doesn’t mean he always makes the right decisions regarding taking on certain roles. The Apollo 13 and Toy Story talent recently shared his views regarding his turn as Robert Langdon in the DaVinci Code trilogy, revealing that he felt his choice


Tom Hanks’ son reveals what it’s like growing up with famous parents

Chet Hanks has opened up about what it’s like to grow up with famous parents.  Chet is the 31-year-old son of actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.  Tom Hanks’ son speaks out about fame In a YouTube video uploaded on February 15, Chet shared the positives and negatives of his life with famous parents.  He


Exclusive: Why Cristina Rosato of Turner & Hooch loves canine companions

Sometimes it boils down to the unconditional love of a best pal — or a canine companion — especially when it comes to Cristina Rosato’s role on Turner & Hooch. The adorable action-comedy from Disney+ that was inspired by the 1989 Tom Hanks movie of the same name follows ambitious U.S. Marshal Scott Turner (Josh