Time After Time recap: H.G. Wells chases Stevenson to 1918 Paris

This week’s Time After Time sees H.G. Wells having to use his time machine in order to track down Stevenson in Paris and 1918. His mission is to prevent Stevenson from saving the life of his son. While planning for the trip, Wells orders Jane to stay behind, which causes a bit of tension due

Time After Time recap: H.G. Wells goes back to the 80s

This week’s Time After Time picked up the story from where last week left off — as we see H.G. Wells and Jane investigating Chad’s apartment. While there they find all the newspaper clippings and documents he was using to track Wells and Stevenson. They also find some time co-ordinates for Long Island in 1980. Back at


Time After Time recap: New twists regarding HG Wells

Time After Time began its first series on Sunday night with some new twists and turns that will set it well on its way into serialised television. The story starts same as it does in the movie with the Ripper murdering a prostitute and making his way to the home of HG Wells for drinks.


HG Wells inspired series Time After Time premiering on ABC

This Sunday ABC will premiere their television adaptation of the cult science fiction movie Time After Time. In the series famed science fiction writer and scientist HG Wells (Freddie Stroma) has invented a time machine, but before he has chance to try it out. His friend John Stevenson (Josh Bowman) who happens to be Jack