Time After Time recap: H.G. Wells goes back to the 80s

HG and Jane meet a young Vanessa Anders
Wells and Jane discover Chad’s wall on this week’s Time After Time

This week’s Time After Time picked up the story from where last week left off — as we see H.G. Wells and Jane investigating Chad’s apartment.

While there they find all the newspaper clippings and documents he was using to track Wells and Stevenson.

They also find some time co-ordinates for Long Island in 1980.

Brook walks Stevenson through her interest in genetic engineering

Back at Brook’s laboratory Stevenson is being held captive. Taking advantage of her captive audience, Brook talks about her work in genetics and drug therapy.

She releases Stevenson from his bonds in order to show some trust, but it’s not likely to be reciprocated.

At Vanessa’s Mansion H.G. Wells and Jane decide to take the time machine back to 1980 to try and find out what Chad’s connection was to the hidden organisation.

Elsewhere Vanessa is hosting a party for her husband Griffin who is looking to be elected as a senator.

Arriving in 1980 Wells and Jane find themselves in the middle of a huge outdoor garden party. As they begin to investigate a little girl bumps into them and asks for her ball back.

This girl is the three-year-old Vanessa Anders, and the party is being thrown by her parents.

Wells and Jane meet the three-year-old Vanessa Anders, their benefactor in 2017

Back at Brook’s lab, Stevenson takes an opportunity to make a break for it by drugging the guard. He then proceeds to make an escape and heads to Vanessa Anders’ place.

In 1980 H.G. Wells learn that Vanessa’s father had some dealings with Chad’s father. They learn of a mysterious project called Utopia, which Wells sees as an ironic dig at him. Vanessa’s father leads Chad’s dad into the garage where they attempt do some business.

However it turns out that Vanessa’s father does not have all the money that he’d promised Chad’s dad for the documents that he has.

A fight breaks out and Vanessa’s father accidentally kills Chad’s father. This leaves Wells slightly horrified.

Vanessa Anders’ father drags the dead body of Chad’s dad toward the trunk of his car

H.G. Wells and Jane make their way out the garage and bump into Vanessa’s mother. Then Vanessa’s father comes out and spots Wells.

It almost looks as if he recognises Wells when chasing him and Jane back to the time machine. Luckily Wells and Jane are just about fast enough to escape back to the present day in the time ship.

Back in present day, Vanessa’s party is in full swing as they get an unexpected visit from Brook. Turns out that Brook is the sister of Griffin. She tells Griffin that Stevenson has escaped and is likely making his way to the party.

Stevenson turns up at the Anders’ home and takes out one of the serving staff and steals a knife. He then proceeds to systematically try and navigate his way to where the time machine is being kept.

Wells and Jane arrive back and immediately reconnect with Vanessa who has questions about whether they met her parents.

Wells at Jane’s request does not tell Vanessa about her dad killing Chad’s father. But they do mention Utopia and begin to look through archive documents on Vanessa’s computer.

Jane then tells Wells that she has a friend at the museum who is an expert on older documents and proceeds to head down stairs to get her phone.

While making her way there she bumps into Stevenson and alerts security. Stevenson gets the better of one of the security guards and manages to lift a key to where the time machine is.

As he heads into the room Stevenson bumps into Griffin. A struggle breaks out and Stevenson manages to subdue Griffin and makes his escape in the time machine.

Stevenson puts Griffin to sleep after a struggle
Stevenson makes his escape in the time machine

Having been informed about Stevenson, Vanessa, Wells, Jane and Brook rush to the time machine room.

Brook quietly scolds her brother for not being able to subdue Stevenson while Wells and Jane retrieve the time machine and figure out where Stevenson has gone.

Having figured out the destination, we learn that Stevenson has gone to Paris of 1938.

Time After Time: Questions we’re left asking

  1. What exactly is Utopia?
  2. How much do Griffin and Brook know?
  3. Why has Stevenson chose 1938 as a destination?
  4. Does it tie in with Utopia and Brook’s experiments?

Time After Time airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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