Time After Time recap: HG & Jane get cozy while Stevenson meets his match in Episode 3

HG Wells tells Jane about the rare gem that he needs to repair the time machine

Time After Time has gotten interesting and seems to already be delving ever so slightly into HG Wells-style narrative, but with the added twist of conspiracy and a touch of romance.

In Season 1 Episode 3 we pick things up with HG Wells and Jane staying with Vanessa Anders in her mansion. They are trying to repair the time machine and Vanessa has called in a physicist to help with some upgrades.

While tinkering with the machine, Wells gets a call off Stevenson aka the Ripper who is now known as The Key Killer. Stevenson tells Wells that he has 12 hours to fix the time machine and get it to him or he’ll kill again.

While repairing the machine, Wells and his new physicist friend have figured out a way to use the machine and control it via a computer — thus making the key redundant and allowing them to control the machine using a 21st century method.

When testing, the machine blows and the crystal that controls the time mechanism cracks.

Elsewhere the guy with the ginger beard who was hunting Wells and Stevenson last week visits his mum.

He tells her that Wells and the Ripper have arrived. His mother panics and has to reach for her oxygen and tells him to stop them.

Apparently something awful seemingly happened the first time that Wells and Stevenson time-traveled.

Stevenson goes out and about in New York and meets a lady called Brook (Jennifer Ferrin). The two start to get acquainted, but Brook initially plays a little hard to get. After a little conversation, she reveals that she is also a scientist.

While Stevenson and Brook are getting to know each other, Wells and Jane meet up with a friend of hers that studies rare gems. Apparently they are not alone. They have been followed by Chad the ginger guy who was visiting his mum earlier.

While with Jane’s friend, Wells becomes aware that there is a little history and teases a little about it, but Jane reveals that she stopped seeing the gem guy because there wasn’t any spark.

After some searching they eventually find the correct grade of gem to use to fix the time machine. As they do they hear a noise and find Jane’s friend unconscious.

A chase through the warehouse ensues as Chad tries to do away with Wells and Jane. Thankfully Vanessa’s security guy comes to their rescue.

Back at the Mansion Vanessa finally lets Griffin in on the fact that they have the real HG Wells and his time machine under their roof.

Vanessa tells Griffin about HG Wells and the time machine

Griffin initially acts as you’d expect — not believing her and generally being the protective boyfriend. But a little later when he is on his own we overhear him talking on the phone saying that HG Wells, the time machine, and Stevenson are in town.

Wells, Jane and the physicist have managed to fix the time machine and are about to test the new modifications. Vanessa and Griffin watch as Wells sends the time machine into the future and brings it right back to the present.

Stevenson, having slept with Brook, is about to murder her, but she is apparently wise to him and has her own ideas. While in an embrace she uses a syringe on him to knock him out.

Brook preps John Stevenson for some weird science.

As the episode closes we see Brook in her doctors lab coat and Stevenson is strapped to a table and struggling to get away.

Brook reveals that she has been waiting for this day…

After what was an eventful episode we are left with the following questions:

  1. Who is the old woman that Chad visited and how does she connect with Wells and Stevenson?
  2. How is it that Griffin actually knows about HG Wells and the time machine?
  3. Could Brook be Doctor Moreau?

Time After Time airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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