HG Wells inspired series Time After Time premiering on ABC

HG Wells in Time After Time
HG Wells (Freddie Stroma) has a difference of opinion with Stevenson

This Sunday ABC will premiere their television adaptation of the cult science fiction movie Time After Time.

In the series famed science fiction writer and scientist HG Wells (Freddie Stroma) has invented a time machine, but before he has chance to try it out. His friend John Stevenson (Josh Bowman) who happens to be Jack The Ripper uses it to make his escape from the authorities. When the machine returns Wells gives chase and follows Stevenson to the 21st century.

The time machine in Time After Time
The Time Machine in action.

In the original film, which was directed by Nicholas Meyer and based on the book by Karl Alexander. It was Malcolm McDowell and David Warner who played Wells and Stevenson and it was a brilliant fish out of water story.

One of the fascinating things about the movie is the relationship between Wells and Stevenson. At one point in the film. A point which is picked up on in the series. Stevenson tells Wells that he was an amataur killer when compared to the murder and mayhem of the present day. Wells always the careful methodical gentlemen whereas Stevenson takes chances and lives without fear of consequences.

The movie is also a romance as Wells falls for bank clerk Amy (Mary Steenburgen). Who winds up falling for Wells and thus becoming a bait for the Ripper to use in order to get the key for the time machine from Wells.

As far as I can tell. Amy is not featured in the series or at least we do not know her as Amy. But the woman that hooks up with Wells is more streetwise, knows her way around a gun. And is from Texas.

From what I can see. HG Wells and Stevenson AKA the Ripper only feature in two episodes of the series – but we do know that series creator Kevin Williamson is drawing inspiration from a number of HG Wells books for the series, which will see the time machine visiting various time periods once the pilot episode is out of the way.

Credited as the stars of the show are Will Chase, Elliot Villar, Omar Maskati who play Griffin Munro, Doug Lawson and Martin respectively. As to how these characters will be introduced remains to be seen, but we’d assume that HG Wells somehow brings them into the folk while hunting the Ripper.

Time After Time premieres on Sunday the 5th March on ABC at 9PM ET.

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