Time After Time recap: H.G. Wells chases Stevenson to 1918 Paris

Jane prepares H.G. Wells for his journey to 1918 Paris

This week’s Time After Time sees H.G. Wells having to use his time machine in order to track down Stevenson in Paris and 1918. His mission is to prevent Stevenson from saving the life of his son.

While planning for the trip, Wells orders Jane to stay behind, which causes a bit of tension due to the fact that Jane has been in pretty bad scrapes, but Jane staying behind proves to be somewhat fortuitous later on.

Vanessa Anders tells H.G. Wells about a possible lead she has about Project Utopia and says she will follow it up while he is time-travelling.

Vanessa tells H.G. Wells about a possible lead concerning project Utopia

Brooke and Griffin have a tense brotherly sister chat while she is healing his wounds.

She uses some of her experimental drugs in order to speed up Griffin’s healing and also takes the opportunity to show off some of her work.

Griffin is rightly impressed, but also concerned when he sees one of Brooke’s subjects demonstrate his powerful grip, which shows him to have the strength of three men.

Griffin gets some rather rough medical treatment from his sister Brooke

Brooke explains her concerns to Griffin about Vanessa finding to much out about project Utopia. She is concerned it will stop her from continuing her father’s work, and is determined to stop Vanessa from digging anything up.

In Paris of 1918 John Stevenson has found his son and so has H.G. Wells.

The three men have a drink together, but when John’s son is called to the front lines of the war John follows him, but before doing so implicates Wells as a spy so that he can’t follow.

John Stevenson arrives in 1918

John manages to stop his son from leaving with his men and his son is obviously resentful of this. The two men fight and go their separate ways. John’s son thinks he is pretty much a mad man and does not want anything to do with him.

Back in 2017, Vanessa visits her late father’s colleague who worked closely with him on various projects. He says he does not recall too much about project Utopia, but had suspicions that it was not Vanessa’s father’s work.

Vanessa returns home unhappy that her late father’s workmate wasn’t able to help, but while she is with Griffin she gets a phone call off of the scientist who says he has found an old file. Vanessa then leaves to go get the file.

As Vanessa leaves, Griffin calls his sister Brooke to let her know that the old associate of Vanessa’s father has found some information. Brooke dispatches her hit man, the guy with the strength of three men, to kill the old scientist.

Brooke’s hit-man arrives at the scientist’s place and promptly kills him with a device that releases an electric shock, which stops the scientist’s heart.

As the killer is placing the scientist in her chair Vanessa arrives. The killer is forced to hide and make a hasty retreat. Vanessa calls the emergency services having found the dead scientist, but manages to leave with the information that she came for.

Back in 1918, John believes he has succeeded in saving the life of his son, but Jane has learned that this is not the case and worries for the life of H.G. Wells and pretty much uses the time machine to go back and attempt a rescue.

Jane, who is now in 1918, bumps into John Stevens who is proudly gloating about having successfully saved his son.

Jane congratulates him, but then gives herself away by holding on too tightly to a newspaper article that she has brought with her from the future. John grabs it and learns that his son is still going to die.

John and Jane then arrive at the cafe just as it explodes. H.G. Wells is thrown clear of the cafe and John Stevenson’s son runs into the burning building to try and save the customers, but ultimately dies in the process.

John Stevens is really distraught at not being able to save his son. John is pretty much looking to stay in 1918, but Jane pleads with him to save the life of H.G. Wells and prove that he is a doctor. John reluctantly agrees.

John Stevenson’s son runs into the building to his death

Jane, John and H.G. Wells return to 2017. Right away Vanessa’s security takes John into custody and Wells is taken to his room where his injuries are taken care of.

Vanessa learns of a connection between John Stevenson and project Utopia via the found documents

Later on Vanessa is in her office reading through the documentation she found concerning Utopia. On the papers we learn that John Stevenson was used as the test subject.

Time After Time airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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