Bigfoot is the target as The Lowe Files investigates the Wood Ape

This week on The Lowe Files, Rob and his sons head to remoter parts of Oklahoma as they search for Bigfoot, known to the locals the Wood Ape. To this end they meet up with The North American Wood Ape Conservancy, which is a legit non-profit scientific research organization that the IRS recognises. The group

Rob Lowe and sons probe underwater ‘alien base’ on The Lowe Files

Rob Lowe and his sons investigate what some claim is an underwater “alien base” on this week’s episode of The Lowe Files. The submerged anomaly lies six miles off the coast of Malibu, California, and has recently been the subject of renewed debate after satellite images of it emerged on Google Earth. The vast area,

Rob Lowe wants you to believe: The Lowe Files pokes around haunted America

In the post-Trump universe, the TV tag line: “Rob Lowe investigates the paranormal” doesn’t seem so odd. New series The Lowe Files is a father and son effort for A&E. Lowe and sons John Owen and Matthew are hitting the road to ferret out the truths of America’s most paranormally active sites and urban legends.