Rob Lowe and his sons look at what they’ve learned about UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts and each other

Rob Lowe and his sons Matthew and John Owen
Rob Lowe and his sons Matthew and John Owen have been investigating various mysteries

This week on The Lowe Files, Rob and his sons look back on the adventures they’ve had this series and chat about the legends and lore that they have investigated.

Rob, Matthew and John Owen have dabbled in some cryptozoology by hunting for the Wood Ape in the forests of Oklahoma and its better known cousin Bigfoot in Redwood Forest of the Hoopa Indian Reservation.

The family team have also visited numerous secret bases like the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, that many people think is the real Area 51. Rob even looked into the strange underwater feature off the coast of Malibu, that some people think is an alien base.

Rob Lowe and his sons on a tower
From the haunted to the secret, the trio have travelled across America

Ghostly activity has also been high on this season’s agenda and they visited the boy’s reformatory Preston Castle and Boise’s Old State Penitentiary, both of which are said to be haunted.

They also looked into the power of the human mind and whether it can be used to communicate remotely or even move objects about.

Alien abduction also got a look in as Rob and his sons looked into UFO sightings, crop circles and abduction stories.

Did you enjoy the season?

The Lowe Files airs on Wednesdays at 10:01 PM ON A&E.

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