Rob Lowe and sons probe underwater ‘alien base’ on The Lowe Files

Rob Lowe looking at a screen on The Lowe Files
Rob Lowe looks at images of the underwater anomaly on this week’s The Lowe Files

Rob Lowe and his sons investigate what some claim is an underwater “alien base” on this week’s episode of The Lowe Files.

The submerged anomaly lies six miles off the coast of Malibu, California, and has recently been the subject of renewed debate after satellite images of it emerged on Google Earth.

The vast area, measuring 2.5 miles wide, has a large flat top and when viewed from above has a clear oval shape.

Underneath are what look like giant pillars stretching down the sides.

A Google Earth image of part of the sea floor off Malibu
The underwater anomaly viewed from the side in an image from Google Earth

The anomaly was discovered in the 1970s and geologists say it is natural and part of the continental shelf, but some claim it could be something more.

A series of Google Earth images of the object were collated by the Fade to Black radio program back in 2014, and made headlines after being presented in a video titled “massive underwater UFO base discovered off Malibu coast”.

Lowe has been fascinated by the anomaly since he was a boy. On this week’s The Lowe Files, he and and his sons Matthew and John Owen head out on a research vessel to investigate it.

They then use the same technological tools that were used to search the wreckage of the Titanic to film parts of the anomaly up close.

Last week, Lowe and his sons captured voices at reputedly haunted Preston Castle in Ione, California.

The Lowe Files airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on A&E. 

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James Dixon
James Dixon
4 months ago

Why has Google blurred out this underwater alien base in 2024