Rob Lowe and sons capture terrifying voices at Preston Castle on The Lowe Files premiere

Rob Lowe inside Preston Castle at night with a light shining on his face on The Lowe Files
Rob Lowe as he hears a voice say “Yes” on the premiere of The Lowe Files

Rob Lowe and his sons capture terrifying voices on camera in the premiere of their new A&E show The Lowe Files tonight — while spending the night at California’s reputedly haunted Preston Castle.

The former star of The West Wing and his sons Matthew and John Owen decided to make the show in a bid to see for themselves whether paranormal phenomenon they had seen on television were real.

Preston Castle, also known as The Preston School of Industry, in Ione, California, is a former reform school.

Lowe and his sons travelled there after hearing reports that it houses angry, vengeful spirits.

This week’s premiere episode of The Lowe Files sees them spend the night inside the imposing building, and use ghost-hunting equipment to try and communicate with spirits.

Exterior view of Preston Castle in a still from The Lowe Files
Preston Castle, which Lowe and his sons investigate on The Lowe Files premiere

At one point, they attempt to draw out the spirit of a murder victim whose “residual energy” is said to remain at the castle.

Footage shows them using an Ovilus device, which converts electromagnetic frequencies into words.

Whilst using it, they hear what sounds like voices. At one point, Lowe asks: “Are you still here?”

A voice through the Ovilus clearly says: “Yes.”

The Lowe Files airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on A&E.

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