The Rookie recap: New beginnings and new endings

New Blood, as it was aptly named, introduced some new boots (see what I did there?) to the ground in tonight’s hour of The Rookie. It felt fitting after taking a look at the wonderful changes in our favorite’s lives last week as Jackson & Chen adjusted to post probation work time. Shall we dive


The Rookie recap: Choice & Tension are intertwined

Tension was in the air in tonight’s hour of The Rookie and given what happened last week, I can’t say I’m deeply surprised. Granted a parent showing up out of nowhere will always disrupt your routine, but I sadly can’t say that’s the only reason we ran into issues in “La Fiera.” Our choices inform


The Rookie recap: We are who we choose to be

Well, if last week was past & present meeting, tonight was taking a hard look at who we are today. Despite the identity theft that went on with Nolan, I really do mean that in the nicest possible way about “Hand-Off.” Each officer had a day to look in the mirror and make decisions on


The Rookie recap: The past and present collide for our Rookies

Talk about your past and present colliding. Seriously The Rookie had some blasts from the past, ranging in subtle to obvious. Especially for Nolan and Bradford tonight. Professionally they knocked heads with a black ops group, with some serious attitude. However, I’m definitely getting ahead of myself. So why don’t we dive into tonight’s episode,


The Rookie recap: Life is a constant surprise

The Rookie may be a television show, but dang if it isn’t an interesting way to experience how life throws us curve-balls. This week it comes in the form of how family, and life is a constant surprise. Last week was a look at our characters finding their new normal.  Normal showed up tonight, in


Fans stunned by Nathan Fillion’s weight loss on The Rookie

The Rookie viewers were shocked to see Nathan Fillion looking very different in the Season 2 premiere after having lost a lot of weight since they last saw him in the finale episode of Season 1. Everyone was shocked about the dramatic transformation, but many fans thought he looked better. “Just noticed new haircut and