Who played Nell on the Rookie? Sara Rue portrayed the pretty dispatcher Nolan took Ellroy to meet

Sara Rue and Nathan Fillion
Sara Rue played Nell Forester on The Rookie. Pic credit: @sararue/Instagram.

Sara Rue played Nell Forester on last night’s episode of The Rookie, titled Clean Cut.

Officer John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) was guarding a crime scene on his birthday and Ellroy Basso (Alan Tudyk) came to clean the crime scene.

While they were chatting, Nell, a dispatcher, called and Ellroy excitedly asked Nolan to let him take the call. It was clear that Ellroy liked Nell. Later, Ellroy asked Nolan what Nell looked like. He said he’s talked to her a lot on the phone but never met her in person. He was wondering whether she was pretty.

Nolan told him that Nell was lovely and invited him to come down to the station with him to meet her. Ellroy demurred, saying he couldn’t because she was too busy. He then gave Nolan a Twinkie with a lit candle on it for his birthday.

Ellroy went on to tell  Nolan about his first crime scene which involved his sister who died by suicide on her birthday at their parent’s house. Nolan said he was sorry.

Moments later, the suspects returned to the crime scene and a gun battle ensued. Only Nolan was armed with a gun. Ellroy had only a pipe to defend himself. Nolan was able to knock one of the armed criminals unconscious and wounded the other with a gunshot after Ellroy distracted him by throwing the pipe.

After they captured the men, Nolan took Ellroy to meet Nell. Ellroy was awkward and shy, but Nell was delighted to meet him.

If you’ve wondered about the actress who played Nell on last night’s episode of The Rookie, here is what you need to know.

Who is Sara Rue?

Sarah Rue is an actress born in January 1979 in New York City to Joan and Marc Schlackman. She is of Jewish descent.

She started her acting career very early at the age of nine when she appeared in Rocket Gibraltar (1988) as Jessica Hanson, the daughter of Kevin Spacey’s character, Dwayne Hanson.

Rue is known for playing Carmen Ferrara on the teenage comedy-drama series Popular. She starred as Claude Casey on the ABC sitcom Less Than Perfect. She also played teenage Roseanne Barr on Roseanne Season 5, Episode 7, titled Halloween IV (1992).

She also appeared in a recurring role as Brenda on the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement and played Olivia Caliban on Netflix’s comedy series A Series of Unfortunate Events.

She appeared on the TV Land sitcom Impastor as Dora Winston and hosted The CW reality series Shedding for the Wedding in 2011.

Sara Rue married the director, writer, and producer, Mischa Livingstone in 2001, and they divorced in 2007. She married Kevin Price in May 2011 and they have two daughters Talulah Rue Price and Adelaide Rue Price.

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