Fans stunned by Nathan Fillion’s weight loss on The Rookie

Nathan Fillion in The Rookie Season 2
Nathan Fillion as rookie officer John Nolan in The Rookie Season 2. Pic credit: ABC

The Rookie viewers were shocked to see Nathan Fillion looking very different in the Season 2 premiere after having lost a lot of weight since they last saw him in the finale episode of Season 1.

Everyone was shocked about the dramatic transformation, but many fans thought he looked better.

“Just noticed new haircut and you lost a bunch of weight. Bit of a shock to see you,” a fan tweeted.

“You’ve lost weight but look good. More rugged and cop like!” another fan tweeted.

Other fans expressed concern about his health.

“Wow, you look good, but you lost a lot of weight,” a concerned fan tweeted. “It’s not bad, or judgment, just hoping all is ok.”

“Watching but concerned. The weight loss. Hope you’re well and healthy,” another concerned fan tweeted. “If not God Bless. If so give me back the ‘Hunk.'”

Even Nathan Fillion commented on his new look as the show aired.

Here’s what else changed between seasons of The Rookie

The Rookie Season 2 premiere picks up where Season 1 finale left off with Bradford being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after exposure to a weaponized virus.

Nolan starts Season 2 without his training officer Talia Bishop, played by Afton Williamson. Williamson exited the show following harassment allegations she brought against a guest star and crew member during Season 1. An independent third-party investigation allegedly did not support her claims and Williamson exited the show, claiming that her complaint was not properly handled.

The Rookie Season 2 writes off Williamson’s character, Talia, with the story that she left LAPD to take a job at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). She had to leave the LAPD after it was found (in Season 1) that she did not disclose on her police academy personal history form that she had a foster brother who was a felon.

In the Season 2 premiere, Wes (Shawn Ashmore) moves in with Lopez and notices for the first time how she leaves the apartment in a mess. She admits she had been cleaning up anytime Wes was coming over while they were dating and that now that he has moved in he’s getting see the “real me.”

Bradford, Chen’s training officer, recovers and he is once again giving Chen a hard time. He forces her to do an IED search drill and criticizes her for showing compassion rather than suspicion when a husband reports that his wife is missing.

The Rookie Season 2 airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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