The Rookie recap: The past and present collide for our Rookies

Chenford Harper Bradford Lopez with Sgt Grey
Rookies and their T.O.s facing down their cases. Pic credit: ABC

Talk about your past and present colliding. Seriously The Rookie had some blasts from the past, ranging in subtle to obvious.

Especially for Nolan and Bradford tonight. Professionally they knocked heads with a black ops group, with some serious attitude.

However, I’m definitely getting ahead of myself. So why don’t we dive into tonight’s episode, Casualties?

With age comes experience

I mean that in a good way, don’t get me wrong.

Bradford and Nolan were prime examples in tonight’s hour, and I loved getting insight, especially on the former. Especially as he’s usually tight-lipped about himself…all the time.

On Nolan’s side, he was confronting the effects of stress on the job going straight to the heart. Luckily he’s got Grace to look after him, both emotionally and physically. Yes, I went a little cheesy, they’re CUTE — sue me.

His determination is nearly equal to Bradford’s when he runs into a former military comrade when they arrest him. Talk about awkward times ten, after he admits he blames himself for Mitch losing his leg.

This show deserves a lot of kudos, but one of the elements I find most impressive is the continuity. Not just of the story, but for the characters and what they’ve been through.

I don’t imagine that’s easy with an ensemble show. Still, it never feels as if we are missing anything important with our favorite officers.

Case in point Lucy deciding to foster a dog for trauma recovery, who then promptly rips apart half of her apartment. Dang it, you were way too cute, Cujo!

The adorable canine provided some much-needed laughs, as The Rookie’s murder investigation slammed into a brick wall called “higher authority.” While trying to figure out how a homeless man came into cash and then died, the word D.I.A. popped up like an annoying whack a mole.

They actually tried to come in, and say “No, you don’t get to touch us,” but they’ve clearly never met Tim Bradford. He’s never been a man who’s taken justice lightly, and certainly not when it involves a vet once under his command.

Even when Chen rightly pointed out Mitch losing his leg because Bradford cut him a break wasn’t something to feel guilty about. He tried to help him, and it’s that strong heart of his that led straight to his phone.

Ringing L.A. Clear, who kindly came to the information rescue courtesy of Tim Bradford. One day you will explain, probably to Lucy, why Lady Marmalade is one of your personal security answers.

Risk is part of being alive

Look if that much stress is part of being a police officer on television, bless all the people who do this in real life. They risk so much to keep people safe, and The Rookie does a damn good job reflecting that.

Despite being shut down firmly by Sgt. Grey, the team is unwilling to give up after a scary man shows up at Nolan’s house. Seriously, mysterious dude, don’t judge a book by its resume.

John Nolan is many things, but a weak link is NOT one of them.

Ignoring direct orders, Bradford Chen Harper & Nolan, sneak to the docks to confront this black ops group. Smug as that leader is, he should know better than to think one intimidation speech is enough to get them to back down.

As one Angela Lopez is up top, aiming to outsmart your a** with Detective Harper! God I loved that reveal, their teamwork has become in step this season, and it shows.

I know it killed them to walk away from counterfeit money, but they got their guy without any bullets flying. Next time, as knowing these guys, there will be another, maybe find a better explanation than “walk on the docks” to give to the boss.

As stressful as this experience was, both of our experienced officers found their own paths to some new relief techniques. Nolan doing goat yoga with Grace, and Lucy smartly giving Cujo a new home with Tim.

Don’t you love smile-inducing endings like this on television?

Final thoughts

Paging The Rookie writers, whoever came up with the C4 being used at a gender reveal party is genius. That opening was freaking hilarious! Also, Nolan and Harper covered in glitter is a sight I’ll never forget.

Nick and Nolan’s friendship continues to be a bright spot, as I don’t get many guy friendships that aren’t enveloped in drama these days. Thank you, Nick, for being straight about Rosalind.

It was a hard-earned lesson that your friend needed to hear.

Lucy’s trauma recovery, including a dog, was adorable, but one day I want to see how she convinced her T.O. to adopt her foster dog. Granted, I can’t blame him. Cujo was instantly lovable, even after ripping apart a varsity jacket.

I know it might be weird, but I love how they sometimes have a view through their body cams. I never saw that before I watched this show, and bringing that in was a damn good choice.

Just Lucy saying “Tim” was enough to make my shipper heart squeal out loud.

I’m treasuring all the little moments between them, and they’re quickly becoming one of my top reasons for tuning into this show every Sunday.

The Rookie airs on Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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