The Rookie recap: Lucy is welcomed back in Rookie style

Lucy, Harper & Lopez discussing speed dating
Lucy, Harper and Lopez out for girl’s night on The Rookie, Now and Then. Pic credit: ABC

Nothing like starting off an hour with breakfast, as this week’s episode of The Rookie welcomes Lucy back with style. Coming off last week’s adrenaline-fueled hunt, the episode sees everyone try to get back to normal, especially our esteemed Officer Chen.

As calm as this hour was compared to the previous week’s, what I loved in particular about Rookie’s Season 2 Episode 12, Now and Then, was it gave the characters time to breathe — to take in what happened, and find their rhythm again.

Switching it up for the day

The work day starts off with Harper coming in to borrow Lucy for the hour so she can have some support post kidnapping/buried alive trauma. Whatever the circumstance, I am always here for ladies supporting ladies, even if both are equally stubborn.

On the flip side, Bradford gets to spend the hour trying to scare Nolan’s future daughter in law out of police work. A good old-fashioned dose of fear is the former’s specialty!

In famous news, West was dealing with the consequences from his red carpet time with his ridiculously handsome actor boyfriend. A chase down of a suspect nearly gets foiled due to a couple of ladies wanting selfies with the celebrity cop, and thankfully ended in success due to Lucy.

The LAPD really do have different lives don’t they?

Lucy’s determination to return to normal is admirable as hell, and one of the reasons I love her character. Unfortunately it doesn’t keep reality out after her experiences. The switch up continued to take her, Lopez, and Harper all the way out to…speed dating! Which is my actual worst nightmare.

Watching them speed date was hilarious as hell, but my heart went out to Lucy the second this well-meaning guy tried to pull a hanging thread from her shirt. It’s always the little things that catch you off guard.

Back at home, West was chowing through two whole pizzas after an argument with Sterling. Look, if I had to pick between my career and dating him, I’d have done the same, possibly with Taco Bell instead.

The real heart to heart conversation came the following day, and honestly I wish I could have given Harper a hug through the screen. Admitting what’s happened to you out loud is hard as hell. Seeing her willing to open up like that to Lucy was deeply empathetic and understanding. She needed to make sure Lucy knew she was not alone. It was hands down my favorite scene of the night.

Family & friends are always worth it

In the Nolan side of family drama, Abigail decided a ride along would be the best idea ever to spring out of the blue. Granted, I laughed every second at Bradford having no qualms at scaring the crap out of this girl. However, it was impressive to see her handle their work on the fly, enough to even semi impress Tim Bradford at the end of the day. It made the disappointment real, as her past history makes it impossible for her to be a cop.

Despite that reality, Nolan wasted no time calling Henry out for his selfishness regarding his fiancee. Being afraid of someone you love going into a dangerous profession is understandable, as I’d be terrified. The elder Nolan’s sense of honor rang true though, as Henry wasn’t trying to protect Abigail, but control her.

To her credit, it didn’t stop her from trying to reach out to the victim’s hurting sister. Which unexpectedly turned dangerous as the criminals stormed the victim’s home to get information. I have to admit it sucks Abigail can’t be a cop, because she rocked at handling having two guns being waved at her face, no offense to Henry Nolan.

At the end of the day, though, honesty towards your family and friends tends to be the best policy. Henry wisely fessed up his fear, and lack of support to Abigail. As easily as they could have gone for drama, it felt real the way she reacted to his revelation. It was a bump in the road, but one I think they’ll be able to get over especially with Nolan in the mix.

Nothing like smiling at the end of a long day

It was a long couple days for all the rookies, but a few got to end it with some much-needed happiness after the craziness. Starting with West’s “breakup” on the red carpet, the second they walked out there I had a feeling it was fake, but damn! I agree with Sterling, that was some great acting and the cops (one real one fake) get to stay together!

Lucy’s roller-coaster days ended at punching some bags at the gym, and man I do not blame her. She’s been put through the wringer, a fact that was not ignored all hour by her T.O. Literally he asked practically everyone how she was doing, and wishing he could give Lucy a time machine.

It was easy to mistake his speech as tough love, but I agreed with him a hundred percent. She didn’t fail getting that tattoo, she lived — and that life every day will always be a triumph over what that psycho tried to do to her. Yes I see you Bradford, smiling as you toss her ring back.

Here on out this is going to be interesting, but that’s life, right?

The Rookie airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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