The Linda Lindas: Punk band from Moxie are trending on Twitter

The punk rock band The Linda Lindas was recently trending across Twitter because of a viral tweet praising them. This band was featured in the 2021 Netflix drama Moxie, directed by Amy Poehler and based on a book by Jennifer Mathieu. In the feminist coming-of-age movie, the real-life band covers two iconic punk songs during


Who wrote Moxie? Where was it filmed?

Amy Poehler’s latest project for Netflix was the coming-of-age feminist rager Moxie. The movie follows high school junior Vivian (Hadley Robinson) while she anonymously publishes a zine that calls out the discriminatory and harmful actions of her school.  The zine quickly gains popularity and the girls of the school form a Moxie club where they


Moxie cast: Nico Hiraga plays Seth

Move over Peter Kavinsky, Netflix has a new teen heartthrob! Fans of Netflix’s latest teen comedy-drama Moxie are falling head-over-heels for the character Seth. Moxie follows the feminist awakening of the quiet high schooler Vivan (Hadley Robinson). After witnessing a series of harassing and discriminatory behavior, she decides to publish an anonymous zine called Moxie.


Moxie: Josephine Langford plays the popular cheerleader Emma Johnson

Amy Poehler’s latest movie has been making waves across the internet. Moxie dives into the lives of modern-day high school teenagers, highlighting the good and bad of their behaviors as the main protagonist decides to start distributing a feminist magazine.  Starring as Emma Johnson in Moxie is the actor Josephine Langford.  Who is Emma Johnson? 


Moxie: Josie Totah plays CJ in this new Netflix comedy-drama

In the new Netflix comedy-drama Moxie, Josie Totah plays the character CJ. This young mastermind is an actor, writer and producer. While often recognized for her role as Stuart Wooten in Disney’s Jessie, Totah has gone on to work with many popularized television shows and movies.  Who is Josie Totah?  After starring in the television


Moxie: Amy Poehler opens up about her own experience as an activist

This new young adult comedy-drama tackles topics related to modern-day feminism and is loaded with a star-studded cast. Moxie marks Amy Poehler’s second feature film directorial project and she’s been very candid about her connection to the movie.  What is Moxie?  Directed by Amy Poehler and based on a novel by Jennifer Mathieu, Moxie is


Moxie review: This young-adult feminist story packs a lot of heart

Premiering to Netflix on March 3 is the highly-anticipated flick Moxie. Directed by the queen of comedy herself, Amy Poehler, this movie will have all of its watchers cracking smiles and stifling their laughter as it digs into the topic of fourth-wave feminism. Moxie tells the story of a teenage girl who has lost her


Netflix’s Moxie: trailer, release date, cast

Calling all Amy Poehler fans! This iconic comedian has an upcoming movie that will be premiering soon on Netflix. It’s called Moxie and follows a 16-year-old student who decides to publish an anonymous zine calling out the flaws at her high school.  Who is involved with Moxie?  Moxie is directed by Amy Poehler, a comedian


Amy Poehler’s Moxie movie releases Netflix official trailer

The upcoming comedy-drama Moxie finally shared its official trailer and release date. Coming on March 3 will be a rebellious coming-of-age movie about 16-year-old Vivian Carter and her journey to disrupting the status quo.  Moxie is directed by the legendary comedian and “jack of all trades” Amy Poehler. She made her directorial debut with Netflix