Kristen Stewart brings back the mullet in makeup free pics from new movie set

Actor Kristen Stewart appears to have brought back the mullet as new photos from a movie set show her makeup-free and rocking the classic 80s hairstyle. The 32-year-old Spencer star is currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she’s filming a brand new movie, Love Lies Bleeding. The romantic thriller has Kristen playing the overprotective girlfriend


Kristen Stewart announces engagement to Dylan Meyer

Kristen Stewart announced on the Howard Stern Show that she and Dylan Meyer were engaged and will be getting married. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, Meyer was the one who proposed. This isn’t the first time Kristen Stewart talked about Dylan Meyer on the Howard Stern Show, and she credits her appearance on the show two


The Twilight Saga enjoys a revival on Twitter after series is added to Netflix

Is this the beginning of a Twilight Saga resurgence? Twitter says yes. The Twilight Saga was added to Netflix on Friday, causing a buzz on social media. Netflix’s latest five-film addition has sparked renewed conversation about the global phenomenon that hit our screens thirteen years ago. The series was surrounded by a rabid dedication from


The Oxwood on Happiest Season: Is it a real bar?

Happiest Season, Hulu’s new holiday movie, was shot on location in Pennsylvania. The fresh flick, which stars Kristen Stewart as Abby and Mackenzie Davis as Abby’s girlfriend Harper, takes viewers all over the Pittsburgh area during this rom-com romp. One of the film’s most memorable locations is the Real Luck Cafe located in Pittsburgh’s The


Happiest Season review: Did this new Hulu movie come out with joy?

The premise of Hulu’s Happiest Season rings hopeful: an inclusive Christmas with whomever you consider family. Neither politics nor prestige ultimately get in the way of the viewer searching for a contemporary version of It’s A Wonderful Life. No doubt this fact is especially important in 2020. The year hasn’t been very nice to a


Charlie’s Angels movie review: Kristen Stewart is stuck in a joyless exercise

19 years ago, McG reinvented Charlie’s Angels as a movie. In 2000 that meant it reflected the ethos of the millennium. Action scenes utilized Hong Kong style wirework popularized by The Matrix, and a cheeky self-referential tone. In 2019, Charlie’s Angels still reflects the modern era of moviemaking. Unfortunately this Charlie’s Angels didn’t copy the

Charlie’s Angels 2019 movie reboot: Cast, release date and storyline updates

Talk to your parents and they probably watched Charlie’s Angels in the 1970s. A fan favorite, it focused on a group of tough, badass, and beautiful women bringing down crimes left, right and center — all in the span of a half-hour. So it was no surprise when, in 2000, Columbia Pictures decided to release

Golden Globe Winner Julianne Moore on Still Alice

  Still Alice’ Julianne Moore won the Golden Globe Best Actress in a Drama award this past Sunday, for taking a journey no other actress has taken. She plays a 55 year old college linguistics professor diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease and the film follows Alice’ descent into the disease, from simply forgetting words