The People v O.J. Simpson Episode 5: In-depth discussion

The People Vs. O.J. Simpson discussion, chapter 5 in focus sees  “The Race Card” (Aired March 1, 10:00 pm e/p). This is the episode that could have been called “walk a mile in my shoes.” Johnnie Cochran is humiliated while driving through Beverly Hills in front of his kids en route to the Hamburger Hamlet,


The People v O.J. Simpson Episode 4: In-depth discussion

FX’s ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ has taken the world of television by storm as it recounts the trial of a century, with Cuba Gooding Jr. as Simpson. The intensity of the lawyer personalities aside, the show’s timing is also spot-on as most people view his guilt or innocence based on racial perceptions. The horrific murder scene at


The People v O.J. Simpson Episode 3 in focus

FX’s shockingly good American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson is based on the bestselling book The Run of His Life: The People v. O. J. Simpson by attorney Jeffrey Toobin. Toobin had a front-row seat for the trial of a lifetime, where 20 years ago some 100+ million people watched a Los Angeles jury find “The

Recap: FX’s You’re The Worst, ‘The Sweater People’

The best comedy about relationships and single living, You’re the Worst, returned to the air this week on FXX and just like the entire first season, it hit another bullseye dead center with its Season 2 premiere, “The Sweater People”. At last season’s end, Gretchen (Aya Cash) was left homeless after her faulty vibrator set

Why I’d Be Okay With Raylan Givens Dying In ‘Justified’ Series Finale

Let me begin by saying that I know nothing about how this fantastic series is going tonight. Still, with Ava Crowder on the run with the money and everyone else chasing her, everything is on the table. People will die and that could include Raylan Givens. Would you be ready for that? Could you handle

Recap: FX’s Justified: Crossing The Point of No Return

Review/Recap of FX’s Justified: Crossing The Point of No Return Episode 610 “Trust” Written by Benjamin Cavell Directed by Alan Arkin Tonight’s episode, “Trust” could have easily been called the “Grand Guignol,” (a dramatic moment of horrifying nature) because to many longtime fans, the most feared event happened. Ava Crowder (Joelle Carter) called an audible

Recap/Review: FX’s Justified: Ava’s Kissing Her Troubles Away

Episode 605: “Sounding” Written by Dave Andron and Leonard Chang Directed by Jon Avnet Ava went on the offensive in “Sounding,” driving this episode with her frustrated and poor mismanagement of the stress she’s feeling from Katharine Hale (Mary Steenburgen) and Boyd (Walton Goggins) in trying to be Raylan’s (Timothy Olyphant) criminal informant. She’s pulling

Recap: FX’s Justified: All aboard the Choo-Choo Train

Justified: Episode 602 “Cash Game” Directed by Dean Parisot Written by Dave Andron and VJ Boyd Directed by Dean Parisot Written by Dave Andron and VJ Boyd In last week’s premiere episode of Justified, we were left with the chilling image of Boyd (Walton Goggins) watching over a sleeping Ava (Joelle Carter). How much does

Sex, Secrecy and Spying – Matthew Rhys on The Americans Season Three

The Americans, FX’ intelligent, complex, character driven drama about two KGB officers planted in the US begins its third season with a bang. The spies, passing themselves off as ordinary middle class married couple with two children, are at a pivotal time in their personal and professional lives. It’s the 80’s Cold War, one of

Billy Bob Thornton on Lorne Malvo – Fargo’s Dark Monster

  Fargo’s Lorne Malvo is a fearsome Boogeyman.  He wanders the country looking for opportunities to change lives for the worse, interfere with people’s psyches or snuff them out altogether.  We know nothing about his background, why he does what he does, which is uncomfortably mystifying. His intense relationship with Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) exists