Exclusive Interview: Justin Chu Cary talks about Black Summer Season 2

Black Summer is coming back for a second season on Netflix, with new episodes premiering on Thursday, June 17. This thriller follows the character Rose, a mother who is searching for her daughter throughout a deadly zombie apocalypse. Early on in the first season, she finds herself traveling with a group of other survivors.  Among


Black Summer Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

Fans are hoping that there will be a second series of Netflix’s zombie apocalyptic disaster drama Black Summer. And the omens are looking pretty good that we’ll be seeing more zombie-slaying pretty soon. Black Summer was a Netflix original zombie series created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams and set in the same universe as


Black Summer: Here’s why it sucked (and a few reasons why it didn’t)

Full disclaimer here: I love anything to do with zombies. In fact, fast zombies, such as the ones seen in Black Summer, are the one thing that truly terrifies me. However, Netflix’s Black Summer is where I draw the line. And, had I known it was hooked into the Z Nation universe (the one other


Black Summer’s Lance: Who plays him in the Netflix series?

The zombie genre hit bigtime on television when The Walking Dead premiered on AMC, and the undead has only grown in popularity since then. The show Z Nation on the Syfy channel followed in a similar vein, and Netflix was quick to jump on the zombie bandwagon as well. They just released a prequel to


Black Summer Season 1 premiere recap on Netflix: Human Flow

Black Summer is the prequel series to the now-canceled Syfy zombie series Z Nation. However, unlike Z Nation, which added lots of comedy, this series is deadly and serious, and an interesting departure from its predecessor. Black Summer starts with empty neighborhoods and barking dogs while an emergency siren goes off. It seems similar to


Black Summer filming locations: Where was the Netflix series filmed?

The one ironic thing about the zombie genre is that it doesn’t seem to die. Between The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and similar shows, fans have a bottomless appetite for zombies. Such is the case with the Syfy program Z Nation which has garnered a Netflix prequel titled Black Summer — and it