Black Summer’s Lance: Who plays him in the Netflix series?

Black Summer Netflix
Who is Lance from Black Summer? Pic credit: Netflix

The zombie genre hit bigtime on television when The Walking Dead premiered on AMC, and the undead has only grown in popularity since then. The show Z Nation on the Syfy channel followed in a similar vein, and Netflix was quick to jump on the zombie bandwagon as well.

They just released a prequel to the now-canceled Z Nation called Black Summer. The show revolves around a desperate mother named Rose (Jaime King), searching for the daughter she was separated from during a military evacuation after the outbreak of the undead.

That said, the show has another character who might intrigue fans named Lance and the actor who plays him has a rather interesting set of talents that make him a unique fit for Black Sumer.

What actor plays Lance on Black Summer?

The actor who plays Lance is an extremely fresh face to the Hollywood scene. While having a few small roles here and there, the actor in question hopes to enjoy a breakout with his role in Black Summer.

But who is the actor who plays Lance? That would be Kelsey Flower.

As fate would have it, Black Summer was filmed in Calgary, Canada which is also where Kelsey is from. In an interview with Global News, he talked about his character, humorously saying:

“I’m the guy that’s terrible at the Apocalypse. You’d think he’d be the first to die. Get away from Lance if you can.”

He also mentioned how it will become his first major role and how it’s a dream playing on a property with a huge audience, saying:

“This is the biggest thing for sure. I was more of a theatre kid for a while and then started to do a little film. This is definitely the most I’ve ever had on a series, so it’s really fun.”

He’s also kind of a romantic. Check out the video he made for his significant other below where he shows off his vocal skills.

As of right now, Kelsey Flower does not have much else in the pipeline as far as film or television but the future is bright for this young star.

Until then, Kelsy Flower can be seen as Lance on Black Summer which is streaming now on Netflix.

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