Black Summer filming locations: Where was the Netflix series filmed?

Where was Black Summer filmed?
Where was Black Summer filmed? Pic credit: Netflix

The one ironic thing about the zombie genre is that it doesn’t seem to die. Between The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and similar shows, fans have a bottomless appetite for zombies.

Such is the case with the Syfy program Z Nation which has garnered a Netflix prequel titled Black Summer — and it looks chilling.

What is Black Summer about?

Black Summer is a prequel set before the events of Z Nation and the eventual outbreak. While most of this is the backdrop plot, the central plot of the series revolves around the character Rose (Jaime King).

In the story, Rose becomes separated from her daughter during the zombie-filled Summer and has to fight her way to find her while not being eaten by pesky zombies. Needless to say, this sounds rather entertaining and with eight episodes, it should be an easy weekend binge.

Where was Black Summer filmed?

This may surprise fans but despite being set in the same universe, Black Summer was not filmed using the same locations as Z Nation. That show used locations mostly in Spokane, Washington for most of the Syfy program.

Black Summer spent most of its production in Calgary, Canada utilizing places like Calgary Tower and Queen Elizabeth High School to unleash zombie hell. They also spent time in smaller communities in Alberta, Canada to bring the rich atmosphere of Black Summer to life.

The reasons for changing the location varies but it’s not uncommon for filmmakers, showrunners, and producers to seek out new destinations to make the universe feel bigger. Plus using smaller areas of Canada probably enhances the cold isolation of the show.

Z Nation was canceled after its fifth season on Syfy but for fans, Black Summer seems like the perfect show to bring back everything they loved and more.

The 8 episode series Black Summer can be streamed on Netflix now.


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