Kalani Faagata of 90 Day Fiance brings attention to domestic violence in Samoa

Kalani Faagata and her husband Asuelu Pulaa rose to fame in the sixth season of 90 Day Fiance. Kalani, a Samoan-American, was on vacation in Samoa when she met Asuelu. Asuelu worked at the resort where Kalani was staying, and the two hit it off. Asuelu took Kalani’s virginity, and she returned home to California


Asuelu Pulaa of 90 Day Fiance is an up and coming TikTok star

Asuelu Pulaa became a fan favorite in season 6 of 90 Day Fiance. The then-23-year-old Samoan was moving to America to be with his fiance Kalani and son Oliver. Kalani and Asuelu had met when Kalani was vacationing in Samoa at the resort where Asuelu worked. She became pregnant shortly after they met, and the

Kalani and Asuelu on 90 Day Fiance: Everything you need to know

Kalani and Asuelu are another 90 Day Fiance couple with an interesting story. Kalani is a bit older than Asuelu but when they met, she was a virgin. Kalani met 23-year-old Asuelu during a trip to Samoa where he was working at the resort where she stayed. The pair hit it off and 29-year-old Kalani