The 5 worst matches in Married at First Sight history

Married at First Sight takes the dating show genre to it’s most extreme. Not only are these couples forced to spend weeks on end together, but their connection is also legally bound with a marriage certificate. The experts have had some success as the franchise has produced nine successful couples and five MAFS babies. However,


Amber Bowles denies dating Luke Cuccurullo after MAFS misunderstanding

Amber Bowles has denied she is dating Luke Cuccurullo after a misunderstanding involving the two Married at First Sight alums. A photo of Luke and Amber spending time together sparked speculation they were dating. She recently appeared on his podcast, Cuccurullo Conversations, adding more fuel to the fire they made a love connection. Their reported


Amber and Matt from Married at First Sight: Where are they now?

Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne started their marriage off with great chemistry. But things took a quick turn for the worse after Matt started staying out all night, and there were rumors he was dating other women. Matt quickly became Married at First Sight Season 9’s villain, as viewers wondered why he even bothered to


Married at First Sight rumors: Are Will Guess and Amber Bowles dating?

The Married at First Sight rumor mill is running, and the tea is that Will Guess (Season 8) and Amber Bowles (Season 9) may be dating one another. The rumor started when Amber posted a photo on Instagram showing herself and Will standing next to each other at a place called The Candle Bar.


How tall is Matthew Gwynne from MAFS? Basketball player towers over Amber Bowles

Matthew Gwynne has already made quite the impression on Season 9 of Married at First Sight. How could he not? After all, the former professional basketball player is tall… really tall! The sports star from Angier, North Carolina, played forward and center overseas for the last eight years. Now that he’s ready to settle into