Amber Bowles denies dating Luke Cuccurullo after MAFS misunderstanding

Is MAFS alum Amber Bowles dating Luke Cuccurullo?
Amber has set the record straight regarding the new man in her life. Pic credit: Lifetime

Amber Bowles has denied she is dating Luke Cuccurullo after a misunderstanding involving the two Married at First Sight alums.

A photo of Luke and Amber spending time together sparked speculation they were dating. She recently appeared on his podcast, Cuccurullo Conversations, adding more fuel to the fire they made a love connection.

Their reported dating had MAFS fans questioning Amber’s taste in men. She married Matt Gwynne during Season 9 of the hit Lifetime show. Matt turned out to be the villain of their season.

When she was spotted with Luke, who married Kate Sisk during Season 8 of MAFS and was also considered a villain, fans began to wonder if Amber had a thing for bad boys.

Are Amber and Luke dating?

It turns out, there was nothing for fans to worry about. Amber does have a boyfriend, but it is not Luke. The truth is that Luke and Amber have become good friends and nothing more.

Amber squashed those dating rumors during her chat with Luke on his podcast. She also used Instagram to clear the air regarding her personal life.

“Hey everyone! My boyfriend, who I mention all the time, is not Luke! He’s on my profile if you’re curious! Also, Luke has become one of my great friends! He’s got a great heart y’all! Give him a chance and go listen to the podcast episode he just put up!” Amber wrote in the comments section of Luke’s post, promoting her podcast appearance.

The Married at First Sight alum went Instagram official with her new man back in March. Although she doesn’t post about him often on social media, it is clear Amber has fallen head over heels for him.

Amber and Luke from Married at First Sight are friends.
Pic credit: @LukeCuccurullo/Instagram

New friendship

While some fans are happy to know Amber is not dating Luke, curiosity regarding how the two became friends has piqued. He dishes about their friendship on his podcast.

Luke reached out to Amber and others from her season last year to show support. After all, he knows first-hand what it is like to be on reality TV. They clicked right away and have created a close friendship.

Amber called Luke one of her favorite people in the world. As it turns out, when Luke was traveling the country, he made a pit stop to see Amber in North Carolina.

The picture of Amber and Luke that he shared on Instagram promoting his podcast is from when they went white water rafting during his visit. He revealed the white water rafting adventure was initially a wedding present Amber got for Matt, but fans know how that turned out.

Luke Cuccarullo and Amber Bowles are not dating. The Married of First Sight alums are, however, the best of friends.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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