Married at First Sight rumors: Are Will Guess and Amber Bowles dating?

Will Guess and Amber Bowles
Will Guess (Season 8) and Amber Bowles (Season 9). Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight rumor mill is running, and the tea is that Will Guess (Season 8) and Amber Bowles (Season 9) may be dating one another.

The rumor started when Amber posted a photo on Instagram showing herself and Will standing next to each other at a place called The Candle Bar.


Amber also posted a picture of herself and Will in her Instagram story. In the picture, the two are seen hugging.

Will and Amber on Instagram
Will and Amber on Amber’s Instagram story

Upon seeing the pictures, fans went wild. Some were totally for the pairing. A few were against it. But several tagged Jasmine McGriff in the post, asking for her opinion. And Jasmine totally delivered. She replied, “Yassssss I’m here for the swirl Y’all petty as hell for tagging me cause y’all know I’m with the shits.”

Jasmine's Instagram response
Jasmine responds to being tagged in Amber’s Instagram post.

A fan then asked Jasmine if Will had finally signed his divorce paperwork. Jasmine responded, “I guess he will now.”

Jasmine's Instagram comments
Jasmine responds to a fan on Amber’s Instagram post.

Jasmine is no stranger to Instagram beef with her ex-husband, whom she met at the alter during season 8 of the Lifetime hit series. In April, Will wrote a farewell post on Instagram thanking Jasmine and wishing her well in the future.

Will began the statement by taking a dig at her, writing, “They say you can truly see a person when you’re not looking at them, and those actions define their true character.” He continued, “I entered this process to find my forever…that didn’t happen but I knew the risk before I signed up and I truly wish @jasminegriff88 nothing but the best in her search for her Mr. Right…I enjoyed meeting her family (S/O Uncle Joe and Aunt Susie) and my main man Bentley.”

Will went on to thank Kinetic Content, the production team behind Married at First Sight.

Jasmine clapped back at Will for talking about her and the production company. “Attention seeking behavior, I’m over it! Delete my whole part in your paragraph. Here you go saying a bunch of nothing! You hated production! You didn’t sign up honestly, you weren’t honest during the process and I called you out on it! Plz don’t F with me tonight! Cause I GOT TIME TODAY!!!” Will did not delete or edit the post, nor did he respond to Jasmine.”

Are you here for this rumored Married at First Sight hookup?

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