Flashpoint Batman & 9 other things we want to see in DCEU’s Flash

Flash and Thomas Wayne, Batman, in Flashpoint. Pic credit: DC Comics

The next DCEU movie coming to theaters is The Flash.

After making his debut in Justice League, Ezra Miller makes his return as Barry Allen in a movie directed by Andy Muschietti (Stephen King’s It).

This movie will retell the DC Comics story Flashpoint. In Flashpoint, Barry Allen raced back in time attempting to stop his mother’s murder.

However, when Flash returned to the future, everything had changed.

Bruce Wayne died as a child and his father Thomas took on the role of a violent Batman. His mother Martha became the Joker.

The Flash had to figure out how to fix the problems he caused by changing the past. What resulted was the reboot of the DC Universe.

While this created the new 52 in DC comics, it’s rumored the movie will reboot the DCEU.

Here is a look at things we hope to see in The Flash based on the Flashpoint story from DC Comics.

Thomas Wayne, Batman

Flashpoint: Thomas Wayne, Batman
Thomas Wayne, Batman. Pic credit: DC Comics

In the Flashpoint comics, it was Bruce Wayne who died in Crime Alley instead of his parents. With Bruce’s death, Thomas Wayne became Batman.

Unlike his son, Thomas became a very violent vigilante.

When Flash returned to the future after saving his mother’s life, Thomas Wayne’s Batman was the first hero he met.

At the moment, Michael Keaton has signed on to reprise his role as Batman. What would be great would be if he was Thomas Wayne and not Bruce Wayne.

At Keaton’s age, it makes more sense for him to be an older Batman compared to Ben Affleck’s DCEU version.

Martha Wayne, Joker

Flashpoint: Martha Wayne, Joker
Martha Wayne, Joker. Pic credit: DC Comics

While Thomas Wayne became a violent Batman, his wife Martha took Bruce’s death worse.

Martha became Batman’s primary nemesis, the Joker.

This was a shocking development and showed how two parents took their child’s death differently. Both became violent and angry, but Martha took a step further and became Gotham City’s worst supervillain.

If Batman plays a large role in The Flash movie, it is important to see what happened to Martha and Thomas Wayne.

Amazons vs. Atlanteans

Flashpoint: Amazons vs Atlanteans
Aquaman vs. Wonder Woman. Pic credit: DC Comics

One of the main storylines in Flashpoint was that Flash’s actions changed the relationship between the Atlanteans and Amazons.

When Barry Allen returned to the future, he learned that the world was at war, led by Aquaman and Atlantis against Wonder Woman and her Amazon warriors.

While Flash realized he needed to fix the mess he created, this war proved that he had no choice.

Seeing very different versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the DCEU would be a lot of fun for The Flash movie.

Dilapidated Superman

Flashpoint: Dilapidated Superman
Dilapidated Superman in Flashpoint. Pic credit: DC Comics

Another vast difference in the Flashpoint comics was that there was no Superman. There was a Superman, but the government had captured him as a child and kept him in a small room with no exposure to the sun.

When Batman, Flash, and Cyborg found Superman, he was skinny, weak, and dilapidated. This version of Superman was nothing like the hero the DCEU has shown so far.

Like Aquaman and Wonder Woman, seeing a new version of Superman in The Flash movie would prove to Barry Allen that he made a considerable mistake.

Catwoman as Oracle

Flashpoint: Catwoman as Oracle
Catwoman as Oracle. Pic credit: DC Comics

It’s the little differences that matter. In the Flashpoint world, Barbara Gordon was not who Joker shot and paralyzed.

Instead, it was Selina Kyle.

In the Flashpoint world, Catwoman ended up becoming the Oracle. Jim Gordon never had a child, so it was Selina Kyle who served in the role instead, maintaining a close relationship with the Gotham City law enforcement officer.

Once again, seeing a very different Catwoman shows how different this world really is.

Captain Cold as a hero

Flashpoint: Captain Cold as a hero
Captain Cold as a hero. Pic credit: DC Comics

This is a Flash story so there should obviously be someone from Flash’s Rogues Gallery in the movie.

In the Flashpoint comics, Captain Cold existed, but he was the greatest hero in Central City.

Captain Cold was one of the most popular villains in The Flash TV show and even moved on as a popular antihero in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

While it is not likely, it could be fun The Flash movie brought in Wentworth Miller to reprise his role as Captain Cold, even if just for a cameo.


Flashpoint: Pandora
Pandora after Flashpoint. Pic credit: DC Comics

This might confuse DCEU fans but creating the New 52 in DC Comics brought in a new character name Pandora.

This is an almost godlike character who worked behind the scenes dealing with the changes in the timeline and the multiverse. DC based Pandora on the mythological character who opened Pandora’s box, ending up cursed for all eternity.

It was Pandora who convinced Barry Allen to combine the DC, Wildstorm, and Vertigo universes into one to strengthen it for an inevitable invasion.

A complete DCEU reboot

Flashpoint: New 52
New 52’s Justice League after Flashpoint. Pic credit: DC Comics

The DCEU movies created a splintered fan base. Half of the fans only like what Zack Snyder made, while many other fans disliked his dark, brooding storytelling style.

This means half the fans think Batman V Superman was a classic and hate Shazam. The other half love movies like Shazam, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, but dislike the Zack Snyder movies.

If the DCEU wants to be successful, they need to have a singular vision once again. Flashpoint gives them a chance to reboot the movie world and finally decide on their direction from this point forward.


Flashpoint: Cyborg
Cyborg in Flashpoint. Pic credit: DC Comics

The character of Cyborg was supposed to be an important role in The Flash movie.

However, Ray Fisher was openly vocal about his treatment during Joss Whedon’s tenure as director of Justice League. Fisher called out Warner Bros. executives for their actions and said unless something was done, he would not be back in Cyborg.

After an investigation, Warner Bros. removed Cyborg from The Flash movie.

For the story, this is disappointing because Cyborg played a major role in Flashpoint and upgraded to a Justice League member when the new 52 rebooted the DC Universe.

Barry Allen’s rise to greatness

Flash in Flashpoint. Pic credit: DC Comics

The Flash was a fun character in the Justice League, but he never really felt like Barry Allen from the comics.

In the movies, The Flash seems more like Wally West’s version, and insecure and awkward young hero in need of a mentor.

In the comics, Barry Allen was one of the first DC Universe heroes, and there is hope that surviving Flashpoint in this new movie will help The Flash become the hero the comics or fans know him to be.

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